Tuesday, March 17, 2009

It's been a while....

since I've posted so here is a long overdue catch up post....

Kids - are lovely.

Izaak is doing well at school although there are some issues with one of his class mates which is causing much stress and tension for myself and for the little man. Trying to explain why some people make better friends than others to a seven year old is significantly more difficult than I anticipated. He has made a lovely friend though who is a really good influence on him and vice versa. He received an award at assembly last week "for a geat start to 2009. For trying very hard to finish work tasks. Well done Izaak!". I made it to the assembly and the look on his face was priceless. He's been really nice lately - let's hope it lasts!

The little miss is being a little miss. Three is much harder than two. I'm hoping four is the turning point otherwise there is quite a high chance she won't make it to five. There are alot of changes going on in her life though so it's kind of understandable. She is changing FDC at the end of the month so no doubt that will start a whole new set of behaviours! Overall though she is lovely when she isn't screaming, hitting or whinging. Really. She is.

Uni - Is feral. 'Nuff said really.
Craty Stuff - What? What's knitting? Seriously there has been no action on the knitting front. When I'm not at prac, with the kids, cooking, cleaning or doing homework I'm catching up on sleep. Maybe soon. There are grand plans if only I had the time! I'm loving Brown Owls - different crafts with different people. Can't wait for Sunday as we're doing embroidery which I haven't tried before. Fun.

Other stuff - We've been camping the past two weekends which has been great. I can definitely recommend Wombeyan Caves for any other camping families out there. About 2 hours from home and it's a beautiful spot. Quiet and peaceful but interesting as well. The kids walked and walked and walked which was nice for them to get out and get some decent exercise but was also good because they both were going to bed early and sleeping well! The little miss didn't make it home and those of you familiar with Georgie's work might spot a show award winner in the photo. My little lovely was lucky enough to be the recipient of Mrs Perkins which she adores. I feel so blessed to have such a talented and generous friend. Thanks George!

Thats about it for now. I feel like we've done so much but at the same time done nothing?