Friday, July 31, 2009

Milestones.... first ever yum cha experience and wow! was it good. It did feel slightly strange going to a Croatian soccer club to have yum cha but the company was wonderful, food delicious and really reasonable pricing. Can't ask for more really.

...we have entered the Wii world thanks to my parents

...we also have a new T.V in part, thanks to the above point. Izaak attempted to connect the Wii all by himself, pulled the TV out of the cabinet too far and smashed the whole thing. New TV equalled moving all the furniture around the place as well because the new telly didn't fit in the old cabinet. I took it as a good time to have a clean up. Feels good to have a tidy home but unforuntely I know it won't last.

...I have started my final clinical placement as a student nurse. It's daunting, exciting, disgusting and wonderful all at the same time. I've seen and had to deal with more poo in the last week than in the previous two and a half years. I seem to have the smell permanently burned into my nostrils. On a happier note the staff are wonderful and so helpful and happy to have students around which is a far cry from my last placement and really makes all the difference.

...I finished my first ever triangle shawl. It is the Percy Shawl and I'm in love with it. I'm super happy with how it turned out and have started on my second shawl now. I really seem to have hit my knitting mojo lately which is a nice change. You can see it here.

...I've been crocheting as well. Dishcloths for my kitchen and face washers for the kids which they are loving. It's nice when the kids pick out the colours and tell me stripes or this for the border or loop/no loop and then within an hour or two they get their finished face cloth.

...My blue swap parcel is coming along nicely with some delicious yarn from Happy Spider that is going to be very hard to part with. A crochet neckwarmer has also been completed as well as a few yummy treats and of course some blue goodies from Smiggle.

...My laptop also died. I took it in and the techhy described it as "the blue screen of death" - apparently fixable but really difficult and expensive so she's been replaced with a smaller, lighter Asus and I'm really happy so far with how it's running. Much faster which is great and lighter meaning it's easier to cart around to uni etc and with the smaller size I am getting alot longer out of a battery.

...We've had our first overnight visitor last night. I really can't describe how exciting it is that my autisitic child has something that resembles a social life. Yay! for my boy! He's coped really well with the experience as well. It may well be one that is repeated.

...and finally, this is post 150 for me!! To celebrate I'm giving away a little something so leave a comment and on Friday night I'll do the random number thingie and be sending something lovely to one of you!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

From the mouth of babes...

..... "Mum, can we please go ride biking this afternoon"....

.... "My button belly is coloured in today"....

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A trip to the snow

Last winter we were all packed and ready for a trip to the snow when both of the kidlets fell ill and we had to postpone the trip then life got busy and winter was over. I've got friends who live just outside Cooma at a little place called Numeralla. It's beautiful. Simply beautiful. Quiet and peaceful and most of all just so still. So the kidlets and I headed up last Friday to spend a night and drive up to the snow on Saturday.

We hired the snow chains, suits, boots and assorted snow paraphernalia and then drove up to the snowfields at Selwyn. The kids had a fabulous time - Izaak spent the majority of the day on the toboggan - up and down - up and down. While the little Miss built a snow man, snowballs and was happy just playing around in the snow.

This one is my favourite picture of my two - I love the expressions on their faces

I wish I'd been able to get better photos but the day was very cloudy/foggy and by the time we left visibility was down to about 50 meters. It was raining as well so it was nice to get into the car, turn the heater up and cruise back home. Both the kids are keen to go again and we had so much fun I'm looking at the diary trying to see when we might be able to do it all over again!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

RIP Stuart

Loved you buddy!