Monday, July 4, 2011

Nighty night

Remember a while ago when I posted about my new bedroom furniture? It arrived a few weeks ago but after our recent trip to Sydney (with the obligatory IKEA trip!!) it has all come together.

I was torn between two different settings but was sold once the lovely salesman told me that the other one was made in China and the suite that I chose was Australian made down in Victoria. Anyway, this is my new room!!!

I *love* all the storage - apart from all the shelves at the back of my bed I've also got this brilliant shelf at the end. Target recently had 30% off all storage so I took advantage and got these great baskets which now hold a heap of essential bits & pieces.

I love the unique look of my bedroom - it's not like anything I've ever seen before and I love that it's mine, all mine!!

The new suite also means that the large white wall which used to be full of yarn and a large chest of drawers with a mirror is now empty. Add a new, bright spotlight which was initially purchased for my reading and the new blank wall has suddenly become a very appealing shadow puppet theatre.

This new development has proved to be a hit with the kids. Of course there are puppies who love to chat and play..... .

Then there is the princess who simply must practice her ballet moves....

Until the mummy monster starts getting grumpy and attempts to eat her head....