Wednesday, January 27, 2010

New chapters

It feels like there are lots of new chapters in our life/lives at the moment as this little man starts grade three...

He is anxious about going back to school tomorrow and it's times like this that I wish I could take it all away - take away the sleeplessness, take away the yukky feeling in his tummy. I can't though and I've come to accept that ;-( According to our behaviour therapist year three is often make or break and is, statistically, the year that main streaming will either work or it won't. We are hoping that we'll be in the former rather than later camp but only time will tell.

and the little lady starts preschool - seen here meeting "Boris", a friends bearded dragon...

She is *so* ready to start preschool and is eager to learn writing and reading although is somewhat upset that there isn't any homework!! I feel like a whirlwind of emotions with her. I'm sad that she's starting preschool because it's such a developmental step into the 'big kid' world but at the same time I'm loving the little girl that she's becoming. Her temper is there but seems to be simmering rather than exploding these days and I feel closer to her than ever before.

As for me, I'm embarking on new adventures, opening new chapters both professionally and personally. Professionally there is just two weeks until I start my new job which I am thrilled with. Personally, I'm starting to plan our first 'family' weekend away as things go from strength to strength with TOH.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Scarf Style

So it's been so bloody hot here lately that I've been dreaming of winter and looking at lots of weather porn like this....

image from here

and remembering our own snow experience which of course got me thinking and planning the winter woolies that are necessary for our Canberra climate. Perhaps by chance? or fate? I found this blog post showing a few different ways of tying a scarf - some of which were new to me too. Can't wait to try some of those ones out and thanks to Penny I've got an awesome new purple wrapy/scarfy thing to keep me snuggly & warm... when the weather finally changes!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Through my eyes

I haven't blogged alot about Izaak or our families journey through the joys and hells that are Autism Spectrum Disorder but when I heard this song I knew that I wanted to share it with all of you. I think I was crying before the first verse was over because as a parent and particularly a single mamma it hurts like hell that I can't understand, no matter how hard I try, his world. I can't see what he sees or think how he thinks and that frustrates both of us (equally at times!). I'd like to think that the lyrics of this song represents all the things that Izaak would like to say to me at one time or another.

You can buy this song from here and I'd strongly encourage anyone and everyone to purchase as all profits from the sale of this song go to Aspect - the main Australian body for the research and development of therapy and research strategies for ASD. These are the lyrics to the song...

See the world through my eyes, it changes shape and it changes size
It's not quite the world you see
If you could find a way to look around inside my mind
Maybe you would understand me

I'm not blind but I can't always see
I'm not deaf but things can sound strange to me
I'm not trapped but it's hard to feel free
Imagine what it's like to be me

It's hard for me to try to think things through or talk like you
Everything can be a blur sometimes but if you walk along beside me
Hold my hand and guide me together any mountain we can climb

I'm not blind but I can't always see
I'm not deaf, but things can sound strange to me
I'm not trapped but it's hard to feel free
Imagine what it's like to be me

I'm dreaming of my future and it's brighter then you know
I'll get there on a different road when I am ready to go

I don't need pity, I don't need tears
I just need someone to help me understand my fears
Show me you believe in me, let me know I'm okay
Help me feel safe in the world and I will find my way

I'm not blind, but I can't always see
I'm not deaf, but things can sound strange to me
I'm not trapped but it's hard to feel free
Imagine what it's like to be me

Monday, January 18, 2010


TOH aka The Other Half

The man who adores, challenges, infuriates and motivates me. The man who makes me laugh, cry and finally get my ass of the couch and into all the things I've been putting off for a long time. The man who never makes a judgement, accepts and appreciates my past and how it is intertwined with our future, a future that we are starting to plan together. I'm scared. He knows I'm scared and is patient and kind with me. He loves the kids and they love him because he's such a big kid at heart and is always up for a game. Once upon a time it hurt so bad that I didn't think I'd want to share my life with another man again - things are changing and apparently a change is as good as a holiday...

Sunday, January 17, 2010

My perfect Sunday is...

... spending the morning cleaning and sorting the mountain of stuff lying around our place that we no longer want or need.

... dropping off 4 black bags to the Salvos

... sending yarn to a new house where it is sure to be loved and used ;-) and to see a lovely lady who is gentle and kind with my children and who has a record player - too cool!

... seeing another friend and dropping off fabric for her to create with while watching our beautiful children play and create together

... catching up with the extended family

... and finally...

... nachos, skittles & a movie with the smalls. Perfect? Much!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Working on the wardrobe

So after all my research I've been working on the wardrobe do-over over the past few days with great results!! I decided that denim, black & grey will be my 'bases' so I've got quite a few pairs of jeans - as a mum and a uni student jeans have pretty much been my uniform for the past seven years!! Then when we were out on Friday I managed to find a great pair of full length black pants and a lovely grey linen blend skirt. I'm still after a pair of 3/4 length black pants but couldn't find any that were a good fit. I wore the grey skirt out on Friday night and realised that I actually really do like wearing skirts so decided that my wardrobe really could do with a few more.

A while ago I had favourited this wrap skirt and after I had a dig through the fabric stash and found some skirt-friendly fabrics I got started. Given that my colours are black/grey/red I thought that this skirt was a perfect way of using up some of my fabrics (black poplin) and some of my quilting stash (contast). I finished the hem with 10mins to spare as I ducked off to stitch & bitch this morning!! It's hard to get any good photos of yourself when you live alone and the smalls really don't understand how to get a good shot! But here it is both on the hanger and on me...


My printer wouldn't print the pattern sheets out so I looked at the screen and guessed with a piece of chalk directly onto the fabric and I'm really pleased with the results. Being a wrap skirt as well it will fit me as I gain/lose weight over time. It's a really good length for me as well.

Tonight the sewing bug hit again after I found a piece of knit fabric that suited my colour palate. No tutorial/pattern for this one, I just started sewing and altered until I had what I wanted. This skirt will go with all my black tops, a few of my white and a red top that I bought last year but that has long sleeves.

A few tops are cut out but we'll have to take a trip to spotlight for some supplies to get them finished.

I'm happy to say though that my wardrobe is looking far more 'together' than it did and I'm pleased with all my purchases and productivity! I wore the wrap skirt out to SnB this morning and felt very co-ordinated which is a change!!

And just cause she's cute.... Super-Charlotte....

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sewing with a plan

I've been sewing a bit for myself lately but have realised that I see a fabric, think 'that's cute', buy it and make it into something but nothing in my wardrobe actually co-ordinates! Argh!!
So I've been researching different 'systems' of wardrobe planning.

Firstly the 'capsule' model as described here... I like it but it doesn't really suit 'me' because I rarely go out and mostly it's just me bumming around the house with the kidlets although there is the occasional lunch out... and I definitely have no need for suits/office attire.

Then there is this plan which I get because it's in stages so you can gradually add to the wardrobe and there are different items for the different seasons. Downfall? I'm also not so keen on having an ENTIRE wardrobe of only three colours. I get bored easily and I could see this happening rather quickly!

I thought this plan has a few good ideas in it as well - there are some common themes - picking a neutral base from which everything else stems etc. I'm embarking on tip number 7 this afternoon - taking EVERYTHING out of the wardrobe and sorting/organising what fits/what I wear and all that jazz. Then I can start really working out what I need/want.

A common thread in these plans is to have basic colour themes and looking through some of the stuff I already have I'm thinking denim/black as my base with red/teal/purple/grey as my 'accents'. I've still got a little voucher money left (thanks dad!!) from christmas so I might just be going out this afternoon to do a little shopping. Do you plan your wardrobe?? I'd love to hear from you if you do - how do you do it? Is it successful? what model/plan works for you?

Monday, January 11, 2010

2010 Sewing Challenge

Carolyn over at My Favourite is running a 12 month challenge which I've signed up for hence the new button in the side bar. Basic deal is that every month for 2010 there is a new sewing challenge - sign up for one or twelve, it's up to you!

January is 'Something for me' - I've already made a skirt for me but I'm definitely unimpressed - the pattern is good, fabric is great, just a bad choice of pattern for me I think. The skirt has a dropped waistband and gathers which sit right on my hips (ie - the widest part of me!!) so it may well be unpicked and put back in the stash. I do love this wrap skirt pattern which may well end up being my project for the month. I'm also loving checking out lots of new blogs and seeing what other crafty chickies are up to during the month too!

I know another mumma who is just getting started in what I'm sure will be a long and industrious love with sewing so come on Mrs B - sign up with me!!!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Trip Around the World

A while ago I spotted this 'trip around the world' quilt pattern and knew that I wanted one. I knew that there wasn't anything suitable in the stash so when I opened a gift voucher from my dad on Christmas day I was hoping that the quilting shop would accept the shopping centres vouchers - they did!! The other half and I took a trip out there and he helped me pick out fabrics, a day and a half later and it's all done!
I'm really happy with how the top came up although I'm going to omit the borders that are in the original pattern as I don't want it to be too big - just big enough for me to snuggle with on the couch of an evening. Currently measuring 66inches square I'm happy with it's size. It's about to be sent off to Raylee at Sunflower Quilting to be made into a sandwich. As a plug for her and a heads up to other quilters reading this she is currently having a 10% of sale. Any quilting job booked in January and delivered to her for quilting before June gets a 10% discount. I've got the Japanese Garden quilt with her at the moment, the trip will be going up soon and I'm about to book in a quilt that I'm doing for mums birthday. I love the fabrics in this quilt although they are not what I'd normally pick for myself - much more feminine and girly as I'd normally pick more funky/brights.
There has also been some knitting going on but as it's gifts I don't dare to show on the blog on the off chance the recipient pops by. It's been nice to pick up the needles again after a few months break!

Monday, January 4, 2010

December 15th 2009

Back from the blogging break

The break which I must declare was not of my own making. Just before christmas my laptop died - as in I was using it in the evening, woke up the next morning and it just wouldn't turn on ;-( According to Asus, 3 weeks later, the entire power system had to be replaced. It's at this point that I am extremely glad I purchased extra warranty!!

So much has happened I'm not really sure where to start....

Graduation was on the 15th of December and it all went swimmingly - the dress was lovely, shoes were looking hot if I do say so myself!! The gown was hot & itchy and the hat refused to stay on but I had a great evening celebrating the achievement with my dearest uni friend and of course with the family. Dinner out afterwards was nice but it ended up being a very long night!! Kudos & thanks to my sister for looking after the small people for the night which made it even easier & stress free for me!! Graduation involved pressies too which was rather unexpected. Mum & Dad paid for my quilting of the very appropriately named Graduation quilt, the other half gave a gorgeous freshwater pearl & Swarovski crystal necklace and Nanna got me a very practical card swiper thingie engraved with my name & graduation date on it. I was feeling very spoilt!!

Birthday was OK - I spent it in Tamworth with Nanna. Quiet lunch out. Nothing to write home about.

Christmas was lovely - the kidlets got major spoilt but it's okay because it is christmas, they are grandparents and according to my mother 'that's my job!'. I got a really lovely sapphire & diamond ring from my folks, a gift voucher from dad, perfume, wall hangings & CD from the other half, towels and an assortment of other very useful and practical gifts!

New Years - Was spent at my darling friends with lots of wine, a load of laughs, board games, wine, food, conversation, wine, kidlets, wine. We had so much fun we almost missed the main event but watched the fireworks on telly & from their balcony and then soon after crashed into bed.

And so here we are ;-) Will post piccies when I finally find the camera cord & will update the crafting news as well - there has been much productivity lately!

Just as a complete side note I'm off to have pancakes for dinner. Personally I can't go past lemon & sugar but it must be freshly squeezed lemon, none of the in-the-bottle stuff. What about you?? What's your fave pancake topping/combo??