Monday, February 16, 2009

Using just one word....

describe how you're feeling today??

Mine? Murky - there is much murkiness in our lives at the moment. Daycare, finances, visitation, school, relatives - things just all seem so murky and I don't particularly like it. I like to feel concrete about where we are and what we're up to and unfortunately much of the muckiness is things that I am totally unable to control.


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Blankets of friendship

There are a bunch of us over at Ravelry who have started a group to knit squares, sew them into blankets and provide a little love to those who have lost so much. There has also been a blog started to keep track of all the donations

We'd love you to help out so here are all the vital stats...

- squares are 12"

- preferred yarn is machine washable wool but synthetics (acrylics, nylon etc) are fine too!

- no stitch preference - be as creative as you like!

- once your squares are finished you can post them to - P.O Box 212 - Jerrabomberra NSW 2619

Thanks to all those who have already donated yarn, needles, blankets or squares. I'm really excited by the huge response we've already got! The ABC is on board as well and I'll be doing an update with them next week so keep an ear out to hear how the blankets are progressing!

Not a knitter? There are plenty of other ways to help out - some of which can be seen on Kuka's blog as well as some auctions over at ozebaby, the yarn collective and this site. Treat yourself or your little one and know that you're helping a very worthy cause at the same time.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Saturday, February 7, 2009

WIP round-up

So lately I've had a case of start-itis and I've got more projects on the go than normal and there is only three weeks until uni goes back and I want to get the majority of these finished before that happens. So at the moment I've got on the needles....

** a scarf

** a pair of mitens

** a Mr Greenjeans - sorry but no pic for that one although I have to say that it is the most fab shade of green ;-)

Over at Rav I've been doing some karma swaps and was lucky enough to nab some Cascade 220 in a lolly pink, lavender and a lime green. I do have some of this yarn in the stash thanks to Bells but I haven't used any yet and these smaller amount (140gr in total) would make a good try-it project. I finally settled on some corazon gloves but unfortunately it's just not working. The colours together and just - yuk!. It doesn't look *that* bad in the photo but it's about 10 times brighter in natural light. I think this may just be the ugliest thing I have ever knit. Ew.

I wonder just how much I can get done before the first week in March?

Friday, February 6, 2009


I have had the most perfect day today and just wanted to share ;-)

Lots of running around today first of all dropping off a fridge, then collecting a rabbit hutch and some clothing for the girl for next winter (thanks freecycle) plus about a kazillion other errands being done today. Rent and bills are paid, centrelink and child support are sorted. I had spoken to twitchy fingers about some clothes that I had to pass on to her little man and organised to drop if off today. What I hadn't organised or expected was 2 big bags of clothes for my little lovely for winter. I *love* hand me down. Love them. And I love the condition of hand me downs - the tops with strategically placed buttons, the jeans with iron on patches, stains etc. They are all good. But this bag. OMG. This bag was the jackpot! 5 pairs of shoes - my child is a shoe addict - and enough clothes to outfit her for the entire winter! I hope twitchy realises how much I appreciate it! Life is good.

Then we got home and got dinner organised. I love BBQs and I love BBQs even more since christmas when my wonderful nanna bought me a new 4 burner, hooded one for a combined chrissie/birthday pressie. Fresh corn, organic lamb chops/sausages and potato gems (thanks to George I am now addicted to processed potato products on the BBQ). Life is fantastic.

Post dinner requires a dip in the pool, playing with the kids and watching cricket on the telly (yep - I've given in - at least for the sport!) while sipping a glass of my absolute favourite wine and enjoying some grapes, still chilly out of the fridge. Life doesn't get any better!

Before I go I have to share a moment with you.... as we got home I exclaimed that I was going to "fire up the barbie" to which the 7 year old autistic child replies "mum, you can't fire Charlotte's dolls - she'll cry and it's not nice to make Barbie go on fire - she will get too hot". Bliss. Absolute Bliss.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Bargain and blowout

First off there was some bargains....

Jag bag (fab size for uni!), crochet blanket, pants for the girl, tops for the girl, tops for the boy, a top for me and 2 gorgeous little plates for the grand total of..... $20

Then there was the budget blowout but given the temp could hit 40 on Saturday I think it'll be worth it and even if it doesn't, the look on the kids faces when they got home from school/FDC and they spotted it was worth it!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Monday, February 2, 2009

Eye spy.... small things

I've been enjoying reading the eye - spy posts over at Jetta's nest and vowed that I would join in and this weeks theme called to me.

Small things are rather abundant in this house - between two small children there are lots of beads, toys, magnets, puzzle pieces and with a crafty mumma buttons, snaps, stitch markers and pins are fairly common in the house but just after reading the posts at bugandpop and the crafty librarian I came across two small things in a rather precarious position.

2 lego figures were, according to the 7 year old, battling it out.... on our toilet seat. The victor won the rather 'interesting' prize of being able to drown the loser of the battle. Wanting to save you the piccies of our loo I've moved them downstairs again but this is the small thing I spotted at my place today....