Thursday, January 6, 2011

I got it!!!

It seems crazy that 12 months ago I was nervously and excitedly starting out on my journey into the new graduate program and my new career. I was looking forward to placements in gastrointestinal surgery, stoke & infectious diseases and then finally in paediatrics and while I have enjoyed and learnt skills on each of these rotations one in particular has stood out as an area of particular interest for me.
12 months on and I've almost (9 shifts to go!!) finished the new graduate program and am moving onto a transitional nursing position. We were required to put in preferences for work areas and had to complete and submit a professional portfolio. The preferences, along with our portfolios would decide on the positions for 2011.

For me it was a no-brainer when it came to preferences, I was desperate to get back to gastro surg. It's a very acute area (often described as a step down ICU) and I love the thrill and adrenalin of the very very sick patients. The anatomy and surgical interventions are also extremely interesting to me and it's an area that is constantly developing with new things to learn all the time!

So I put my preferences & portfolio in, crossed my fingers and waited....and waited....and waited.

I GOT IN!! I GOT GASTRO SURG!!! Starting back on the 10th of February I can't wait to get in there, use and learn some skills and be part of an amazing team! 2011 is going to be an exciting year!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


What are you and your family planning for 2011? Are you a resolution maker? I can quite firmly and surely say that I'm a breaker not a maker!!
I have hopes rather than resolutions for the 12 months ahead.
I'm hoping for....
  • a good start to school for the miss
  • a good continuation of school for the master
  • more quality family time
  • less stress
  • more exercise
  • more organisation within our home
  • continuing good health
  • slightly more wealth definitely wouldn't go astray!!

I'm looking forward to....

  • the next big step for my baby!! (starting school!)
  • a new phase in my career
  • our first family overseas holiday
  • spending more time and investing more energy into particular friendships and relationships

And that, my friends, is how 2011 will be shaping up for us!!

Monday, January 3, 2011

A belated christmas round up

Thought I'd share a few of my fave pics from Christmas 2010....
My gorgeous although slightly wacky sister....

My nephew Conner

This picture makes me giggle every time I see it ;-)

My overall favourite picture of the day.... this is my support network, my babysitters, counsellors, friends, foes, laughter, smiles, tears, my everything.
My sister & family...

My favourite picture of my big girl.... she's looking so grown up these days!! I love the little girl that she is turning into. She's thoughtful, appreciative, caring, loving and just a real little character!! I'm going to miss her once she starts school in a few short weeks
Looking back it was just a few weeks ago but it seems like AGES ago now! It's funny how time seems to be moving faster and faster for me lately!! Onwards and upwards as we move into 2011!