Thursday, February 4, 2010

To all the nay-sayers...

...bugger off!

Seriously, I'm so sick of people rolling their eyes, grunting, sighing and generally raining on my parade when it comes to work. People can't believe that I'm excited about starting work and when I say I am I'm so bloody sick of getting negative responses.

After eight years out of the paid workforce I am excited at the prospect of a pay slip, after three years of full time study I am thrilled at the opportunity to make a difference in patients lives, I'm happy to be given the opportunity to put my education into action.

In three days I will put on the uniform, pin on my watch & be excited, motivated, positive and enthusiastic about the challenges and triumps that lay ahead!


Melissa Searle said...

What? People really say something about that? Good grief. Tell em to mind their own business!!! Arrrg!
Dont worry yourself with what people think, it goes like this. Opinions are like armpits, everyones got em, and sometimes they stink! :) haha.. So never mind their opinion!
Good Luck! Hope it goes well. Youll be great, i am sure. :)
I no doubt will see you one day, coming home or leaving all spruced up in your uniform. Hehe ;)

Michelle said...

Damn straight lady! Of course you're excited! Some people are never happy unless they're raining on someone else's parade. This time is all about YOU! Don't worry about people who can't cope with not being the centre of attention!

I'm so proud of you, and not in a patronising way. I know how hard you've worked and some of the sacrifices you have made, and I can see the joy in your face when you talk about nursing! I say go, go, go and get them!

Kuka said...

people should get nicked!
You've worked really hard, and for a long time, to prepare for work, and you have every right to be super excited about it!
And people are lame!

Trudi said...

Like you said, stuff them. I remember when I first started nursing, those were the days. I do feel bad for you working in a spot where you have to iron your clothes and look neat, wearing pjs at work is one of the perks of working in theatres. Today I wore my gym gear to work so I had to go there on the way home!

One of the biggest advantages of nursing is that there are so many areas you can work in. If you don't like one spot, you might love the next place. Most of the people I work with would never go back to the wards, but most ward nurses would never work in the place I love to work. Different places suit different people. I've been at my work now for 7 years, and wouldn't go anywhere else

Bella said...

Big fat raspberries to them all go get em! You've worked hard and sacrificed so much to get that degree, you deserve to get that paycheque each fortnight.

Personally, I'm looking forward to your work updates....

Bel P2P

twitchy fingers said...

I'm one of the people you're talking about. I'm sorry. I guess its jealousy of your obvious happiness about working and passion for your profession - which I don't have. That said, I'm so pleased for you to be starting work and more power to you for maintaining your excitement in the face of such negativity.

happyspider said...

I totally feel where you are coming from. The WHOLE time I was studying I was repeatedly told by people that I was mad, going to be so stressed, wouldn't last a year... etc.
You are going to be awesome and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. You wouldn't have chosen this profession if you weren't up for the challenges, and it's the challenge that makes it satisfying (let alone the challenge of getting there in the first place).
Take no nonsense and have a blast!