Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Adventures - day one

We headed off from home early in the morning and drove up to Sydney to collect our Jucy van. Kids were over the moon when we finally picked her up and for the first few hours there was lots of jumping around, curtain opening and closing - just checking out all the great stuff!! We went past the dog on the tuckerbox at Gundagai which was cool although I have to say, as a single mother of two, taking pictures of all my family is rather difficult. However this task was made significantly easier thanks to this little gadget....
Screw camera in, set timer, smile and then done! I thought it was rather cool that mail posted from here gets a special stamp too!!

The kids played around on some old farming equipment that was close by as well.

We continued onto Albury/Wodonga and stayed there for the night after having some delicious pasta at a little place we found in a side street near the city. It took forever for the kidlets to get to sleep - emotions and excitement were at a high point. Finally after looking at the maps and talking about our plans a quiet settled through the van and we all got a well deserved rest!

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Michelle said...

Oh hooray! You're back! Am looking forwar to seeing the stories of your trip!