Saturday, July 31, 2010

Our weekend

.... was spent celebrating my sisters birthday.....

.... building lego

.... baking (and of course the obligatory bowl licking!!)

and just generally chilling out and enjoying each other. We've also met some great new neighbours who also have a little girl Charley's age so the girls have had a lovely time baking, playing, dressing up, stamping and juts getting up to all the fun, girly stuff that four year olds love getting into/upto!!
I've also spent a fair whack of time getting stuff done around the house and have filled up a wheelie bin and a half already plus there are a number of piles next to the front door ready for various deliveries to friends/neighbours/charities that I will get to in the rest of the week. The laundry is finished and is looking nice and shiny at the moment but I've decided I'll leave the 'after' photos until the end of the week when the whole place is nice and shiny!! Hope you've all had a great weekend too ;-)

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