Monday, November 29, 2010

Crazy Times

I could bleet on about how long it's been, why I haven't blogged and all that jazz but I don't want to waste my time (or yours!!) Let's just say life has been crazy and lovely and wonderful but I haven't been online very much so the blog has been neglected.

Events from the past little while though.....

Nanna had a visit not that long ago and we got some lovely photos of the family. I know that our time together is limited so each time I see her I seem to take more and more photos. I am anxious about making memories for the kids about their great grandma - she's the most amazing, wonderful, resourceful woman and at time I've wondered if I really belong in this family because I am SO different to the rest of them but I talk to Nanna and realise that I belong. Completely. I love her so much it hurts. This would have to be my absolute favourite photo - this is my entire family - all 10 of us!

Gee.... forced much? This was at the park recently where the kids have really enjoyed riding their bikes now that the weather is getting a little bit warmer.

With the weather warming up we've also bought a blow up pool. Now, in my defence, maths is not one of my strong points, so converting feet to meters didn't really go so well - the pool takes up my ENTIRE back yard! I can't hang washing on the line now, thank goodness for drying racks! The kids have thoroughly enjoyed it though and have had plenty of pool play dates - this pic is of our little neighbour Katie. Hard to believe but Miss Katie is actually six months younger than Charlotte - she's a tall girl!! Both the girls are heading off to school next year so it's an exciting time for everyone around here ;-)
- Charlotte turned five and we had a nice quiet dinner at home with the family. I seem to be raising an amazingly responsible and socially aware little person as when I asked her what she wanted for her birthday I was told no clothes or toys because she has enough of those and other kids don't have any so it wouldn't be fair for her to get more. In some ways my little angel is so much older than her five years.

We've lay-byed her school uniforms for next year. I'm feeling so conflicted about her starting school - I'm excited and looking forward to it because she is SO ready and needs the extra stimulation and learning opportunities but at the same time I'm sad because she is growing up so fast and starting school is one of those big milestones.

It's that time of the year yet again and the kids had a great time putting the tree up - I need to get some better pics of the tree but I put the lights on and then let them go for it and I'm pleasantly surprised at how well they've done! The tree looks fab and it was so nice for me to see them co-operating, negotiating and just being nice to each other while they were getting the tree done! As they are getting older it seems like they are fighting less and less - it has been rather pleasant in my house of late although I'm conscious that it may not last so making the most of it!
Charlotte is graduating from preschool today so I've made the fairy bread, charged the camera batteries and put the waterproof mascara on and am off to see my little honey ;-)


Dee said...

Great pics Bec. Isn't it great when the children decide to get along (albeit briefly here)?

I hope you have a great festive season.

Dee x♥

Michelle said...

Great to see you around these parts again. Love the photos!

Hope today wasn't too hard on you.

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