Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A day at the park

We are thoroughly enjoying the school holidays - staying in pj's, chocolate and ice cream for breakfast, long snuggles and many movies have all been features so far!!

We decided to take advantage of some gorgeous weather and head off to the park yesterday - and I'm so glad we did as today was an awful day weather wise!!. I decided to take my camera and see if I could get some nice pics of the smalls. I'm really happy with the results!!

This is my absolute favourite pic of Izaak - we had lots of fun and a fair amount of laughter getting these shots!!

And this one would be my fave pic of the little miss - she is so cheeky!!


Kuka said...

gorgeous pics! xo

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rameez said...

Awsome Pic Really i like this....

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Faysal Bin Darul said...

wonderful family.

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A Mom said...

they are so cute! happy kids and happy family!

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Floortje said...

Sweet photos!
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