Saturday, April 21, 2012

Home life

I can't explain just how much I'm in love with our new house - the space, oh the space!! It's only now that I am realising how much we were all living on top of each other in the old unit. Slowly, slowly the spaces are coming together.
My bedroom is almost, almost just how I imagine it to be....
My bedroom would have been the lounge room in the house in it's pre-extension days so I have a closed up fireplace & mantle in my room which I adore!! I have absolutely no idea on how I want it to look though :-( At the moment it's adorned with a clock, simple framed photo of Charley and a few candles. I have definitely been on pinterest trying to get some ideas!!

The oven in our old house was ok - I learnt to live with it but it wasn't great. It was too hot or not hot enough and never seemed to cook evenly but you really can get used to anything. The new oven though....oh the new oven....I'm in love!! It's big enough to fit my cookie tray in (a new experience!!) and cooks beautifully. So far I've been baking the usual suspects - roasts, cookies & cupcakes but I'm really keen to expand my skills and try some new recipes. The first thing out of my oven was a roast chook - gorgeously browned, juicy and the veges were delish too.
Kids are great as usual - I'm really loving having them home for the holidays. No uniforms, no lunchbox to pack, no school runs - yes PJ days, yes sleep ins, yes walking to the park/shops/library, yes movie nights and yes to loud radios, singing and dancing in the lounge room!!

Fun times!!