Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A trip to the snow

Last winter we were all packed and ready for a trip to the snow when both of the kidlets fell ill and we had to postpone the trip then life got busy and winter was over. I've got friends who live just outside Cooma at a little place called Numeralla. It's beautiful. Simply beautiful. Quiet and peaceful and most of all just so still. So the kidlets and I headed up last Friday to spend a night and drive up to the snow on Saturday.

We hired the snow chains, suits, boots and assorted snow paraphernalia and then drove up to the snowfields at Selwyn. The kids had a fabulous time - Izaak spent the majority of the day on the toboggan - up and down - up and down. While the little Miss built a snow man, snowballs and was happy just playing around in the snow.

This one is my favourite picture of my two - I love the expressions on their faces

I wish I'd been able to get better photos but the day was very cloudy/foggy and by the time we left visibility was down to about 50 meters. It was raining as well so it was nice to get into the car, turn the heater up and cruise back home. Both the kids are keen to go again and we had so much fun I'm looking at the diary trying to see when we might be able to do it all over again!


Michelle said...

What a great weekend you had! Funny though that while I was sunning myself on the coast, you were only 4 hours away freezing your butts off!!

With a Q said...

Looks like you had a great time. We have family at Numerella! It's a small place, maybe they are the same people? I'll check next time I see you.

Eilleen said...

oh I LOVE the snow! I'm thinking that maybe beginning of August, on a weekend going up for the day. Maybe you'd like to convoy the trip with me?

knitting sprouts said...

that looks like the best fun.