Friday, September 5, 2008

The best laid plans.....

never seem to work out!!

After picking up our hire stuff for the snow trip the kids had to try it all on and roar around the yard at Mums with the toboggan giving each other rides. The sharing/caring sibling routine is still hanging around so they were actually giving each other turns and pulling themselves around the yard. We went out for dinner with my parents and then headed home to sleep at their place for an early morning departure. In the car Izaaks says "mum, my tummy is icky" - I didn't really think much of it and he went on for a while. Got to mums and just got out of the car when he vomited everywhere. Overnight = at least 6 more.

Result = No snow trip for us ;-( I'm really disappointed because I was really looking forward to going and to see what the kids thought of it all but I was also disappointed because the hire stuff is not cheap and we weren't going to be able to use it. We hired from Jurkiewicz which I've been to alot for camping gear and the staff are always nice and friendly so I gave them a call this morning and just after mentioning the 'gastro' word they were already offering refunds and credit notes. I'm really happy so I've now got a gift card to re-hire in a fortnight when we'll try again.

So today is being spent on the couch watching DVDs and just generally chilling out. Poor little man rarely gets sick so it's awful when he does and he really doesn't understand what's happening. As a mum, the hardest times for me are when my children are sick. I wish I could be sick for them because they look, sound and feel miserable and there isn't anything I can do about it! Anyway, fingers crossed he keeps the bugs to himself and doesn't pass it onto the little miss.

For me... I'm going to spend the day working on the rainbow dress v2.0. Fingers crossed!


Michelle said...

Oh no! That's not good. Poor Izaak. But there's always next winter, and it's really not too far away when you think about it.

Dee said...

I hope Izaak is on the mend really soon and you have no interruptions for your snow trip in a fortnight.

Georgie said...

Oh no, how awful for poor Izaak. And disappointing for you all. I hope he'e better soon (fingers crossed it doesnt go through you all!!).