Sunday, August 9, 2009


I love this time of the night - It's 9pm on a Sunday and all is well in the world.

We've had a lovely, lazy day. A bit of washing here, folding there, vacuming around the place but nothing too exhausting. Lunch was snag sangers and had as we sat out the back and enjoyed the tiny sliver of sunshine that lay across our courtyard. Some Wii play, a book or two later and we headed over to good friends for dinner. Kidlets playing and walking the dog, knitting, a glass of wine & BBQ dinner. Bliss. Pure bliss.

So now it's 9pm - my house is tidy, my children are tucked into bed and peacefully dreaming the night away, uni work is under control and in some ways I'm actually ahead, I'm listening to my favourite podcasts and knitting my latest obsession.

Seriously.... can life get any better?? What does your perfect Sunday night and/or weekend look like??


Michelle said...

Much like ours tonight - Turkish takeaway, and then groaning with our full bellies after eating too much. Followed by a little hand sewing on the couch in front of a TV show.

Love the sound of your Sunday evening!

knitting sprouts said...

bec that sounds wonderful. It is a lot like a perfect sunday for us - ours was a whole day of playing and reading for the pirate and first mate and for me a little washing, a lot of sewing, a clean kitchen, lunch with friends, and a very impromptu dinner for 4 adults and 6 kids at my place. I can't say the house was tidy after that though!

Mrs B said...

That sounds like an awesome day Bec! A day for us would be a slow start, snuggling in our pj's for a little while before getting going. Bit of cleaning up, but not much ;) then packing up some snacks and heading out to the park for a while. The night routine starting earlier so everyone is relaxed and ready for dinner (then everyone eating said dinner without fuss LOL). Once kiddies in bed, either chilling out on the lounge surfing the net, or doing some digi scrapping.

Its the Ekka holiday here today, might even manage some of this later on!

Lou's Mum said...

that sounds almost like our day yesterday. I love just pottering around at home sometimes, it's nice and relaxing.