Saturday, September 19, 2009

Productivity News...

... so knitting has taken a back seat over the past few weeks to my new favourite crafting pastime - quilting!!
It started after my last teary post about Nanna and then a trip to George's and a squizz at her Jelly Roll Quilt book. A trip to Addicted to Fabric and two days later the top was done. Recommendations from Michelle for Sunflower Quilting meant that just a few more days and I picked up my very first quilt!!

I can't recommend Raylee from Sunflower Quilting highly enough - she was warm, friendly, caring, professional and her work on my quilt is just amazing. I'll definitely be using her services again!! Nannas face was gorgeous when I presented it to her and I cried (of course!) explaining to her that it was my tribute to her for all that she did and continues to do for me and my family. It is now taking pride of place on her bed at her house - I'm so proud of myself, my nanna and my quilt!!
The bug had bitten and of course now I wanted some beautiful handmade love on my own bed and I had purchased a pattern & some fat quarters from the Quilt & Craft Fair a few months back. I finally got the courage to take the rotary cutter to the gorgeous fabrics and there were a few swear words, a boo boo or two but overall I'm uber impressed with how this one came out as well! I'm perhaps even more proud of this one as I had to cut the fat quarters, sew all the blocks, quilted it myself (and without a walking foot!!) and it's binding is hand sewn down. It took alot of work but it is so beautiful it was well worth it!!

I've got so much to blog about - the little mans birthday, nannas visit, my holidays but I'm too busy - I got another jelly roll and am in the process of putting together my third quilt top! It's so much fun!!


Bel xox said...

You have just started what I want to learn how to do as well! (I need a few things first, like a good machine and well, some sewing lessons LOL)..

They are gorgeous Bec - well done!

Michelle said...

I am so PROUD of you! The quilt for Nanna is beautiful - so glad Raelee did a nice job for you. The second quilt is !!!!! Fantastic !!!! . And you quilted it yourself? You're a superstar!

Next year you'll be putting quilts in the august quilt show, I hope!! Ooh! There is Queanbeyan Quilters too!

knitting sprouts said...

Wow - when you find a new passion you really go for it1 I am still at the 'too scared to cut' stage with the quilt kit I bought. they are fantastic

Dee said...

Well Done Bec, they are both beautiful!


Trudi said...

Wow, you really are inspired! The quilts look great.

Mrs B said...

Oh Bec!! They are both amazing quilts!! I love the pics of you, C and your Nana. I bet she is super proud of your quilting efforts too.

I just sit and look at your creations with admiration. You are such a crafty bug, and do beautiful work. Be proud, I think you are amazing :) :)

Kuka said...

oh my, Bec!!!
Your quilts are GORGEOUS!!!
I am so impressed and inspired!

Melissa Searle said...

ooooooo Lovely! :) I love quilting too, not as good as you, and i tend to start things and not finish them.. Oh boy. Haha :) But great job!!
I made my little bubba a quilt, but its not finished yet, see what i mean? Lol.. It was easy though, a panel, CHEATER! Yep, thats me. haha!
Its cute though. :)