Sunday, June 12, 2011

Housey stuff

So last year I blogged about my struggle to keep the organisation up and the messy down within my house with, in my mind anyway!, the infamous 'before' and 'after' pictures of the house. Since then I have acquired a few more pieces of furniture and this week another piece of furniture will arrive in my lovely little abode.

And in my previous post I talked about wanting to get a new bedroom suite - the one I have is the only piece leftover from my partnered days. Every time I walk into that room and see that bed it has too many memories attached to it. This is my bedroom as it looks like at this minute....

As I said earlier I have made a few furniture purchases and I like to think that I am a considerate and thoughtful purchaser - I like my pieces to be able to used in a variety of situations and rooms. One example is this 'easy build' set from Howards. It has been a TV unit, makeshift pantry and is now in the corner of my bedroom and houses my stash of yarn and also my telly - you can just see it in the corner of the piccie above. I don't have the wine rack and have extra shelves. I love this system because you can add more shelves and different accessories as the need arises. It wasn't cheap but I really have got my moneys worth out of it and as I said it's been used in a variety of rooms already.

My newest purchase will arrive on Tuesday and I'll need to rearrange things. I've got my island bench in the kitchen, book shelf in the lounge, cupboard in the kids room and shelves in my room.

The options are.....

- move the island bench to the garage for a while, use the shelves from my room as a portable kitchen unit for all the stuff out of the island, move the books from the shelves downstairs to my new purchase and shelves upstairs to house the stash


-keep the island bench, move books to new purchase and shelves upstairs to house stash then move the shelves from my room to the kids room and then the bookshelf from their room to house the towels currently in a smaller shelf in the upstairs landing then move those downstairs to the lounge for the kids books.


ARGH!! I just don't know what to do and need to hurry up and make a decision - I need to be ready at lunch time on Tuesday for my big new delivery!! So exciting....


Mrs B said...

I know your bedroom suite brings back memories of the past, but ohh I really love your bed!

Loving the look of your new purchase too! Wish I could help you with your decision, but ohh i'm not sure which option i'd go for either LOL

Anonymous said...

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Anora said...

Great stuff.
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