Sunday, May 18, 2008


I am sick of looking at the basket of half finished projects around here so I am motivated to get some of this stuff finished and have decided that I AM NOT casting on anything new before I get some things finished.

So.... at the moment there is.....

1 - Clapotis

2 - Knitting Needle Bag

3 - Buttony Jumper

4 - Cable Bag

5 - Toddler Vest &

6 - Work vest for me

I am determined to finish my clapotis first and then to decide what's happening with the others. I'm relatively sure I'm going to frog the toddler vest - Charlotte really doesn't need it so I think I'll frog it, re-wind and re-knit it into something else.

In terms of my clapotis I'm loving the yarn, loving the colours and the striping, just need more time & motivation to get through it. As of yesterday I had done the set up, increase and one repeat of the straight sections and to this particular minute I'm now up to 5 and a bit repeats (6 to go! and then the decreases), I'd love to get this finished for a tupperware party next weekend so my goal is to finish the 6th tonight and then do 2 repeats each night which leaves Thursday and Friday to do the decreases and finishing, I'll be pushing it but there are a few things that I want to cast on (see the new stash below! & the swap on Ravelry is starting!) so that should be motivation enough!

So.... this is my clapotis so far....

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