Saturday, January 24, 2009

Back to basics

Tonight I have caught up with all my google reader items and I'm loving this concept from Belinda - I'm going to do fortnightly (or there abouts!) updates on what's happening around here. I think it will be a good reminder and motivator to think in a wider circle. We're tailoring the project to suit ourselves though and the few people who have come and seen my house (I think it's just you George!) know that I am not really able to plant/sow anything green. A teeny tiny courtyard coupled with a rabbit just doesn't work out although I have managed to keep a lemon tree and an orange tree alive for at least 6 months now and that *has* to be some sort of record for me. Lack of space, munching pet and inherited brown thumbs mean I'm not really up with the gardening side of things.

So... for this weekend...

Planning for The Future

- planned for this weeks meals - 90% of which will be coming from the freezer. Also planned (and actually managed to execute!) some baking meaning I don't have to buy snacks for school lunches this week!

- we have a 1st & 3rd (two sisters) birthday coming up and I had no ideas (or finances!) for pressies. My mums centre is getting rid of some equipment and I've managed to source an art easel for them. Making some paint (recipe here) sourced some paper from the local newspaper company (end roll for just a few dollars) and their pressie is sorted. Best of all the mama of the family is extra happy with recycled gifts as well!

Working for the Future

- it's only a tiny thing but we had a lot of lemons here that were starting to look like they had seen better days - rather than chucking them like I would have done 6 months ago I have juiced them and frozen the juice into ice cube trays and zested them into zip lock bags - also in the freezer. The above mentioned party has a massive lemon tree so I'm hoping to score some more lemons later this week to try the lemon sorbet from here and the cupcakes from here.

Building Community

- I saw this on Belindas blog "calling someone you just let drift out of your life" which is just bizarre because last night I looked up a friend in Brisbane that I haven't spoken to in ages. She is also a single mama but does things much tougher than me. We had a short but nice chat and it felt good to catch up.

- this year I am both child and class free on a Friday so am contemplating doing some volunteer work? I feel conflicted in this regard though as I am partially motivated by the Queanbeyan Food Co-op so does the fact I'm getting seriously discounted food in return for my volunteering mean it's not really volunteering?

Learn a new Skill

- I'm actually meeting up with a friend tomorrow for a lesson (plus some cake, hot choccies and a good old natter!) on crochet

- I also picked up a new bike for the boy at the op shop and the back tyre is flat so I guess my other new skill will be learning how to fix bike tyres!! Wish me luck with that one!!


Jack said...

I would definitely still call time at the Co-op volunteering.

Michelle said...

This is a good way of keeping track of things, I think! Volunteering at the food co-op definitely counts as volunteering, as you are assisting other families in also getting cheaper food.

I had such a great time yesterday. Next time I'll join you in that hot cholocate.