Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A bit of this and a bit of that....

A few bits and bobs that I want to share....

1 - For those of us who have little people residing in our homes Kids Craft Weekly is a fantastic resource that I stumbled upon this week. Some printable activities, lots of ideas and even a newsletter. Definitely some motivating ideas there!

2 - I heard this on ABC local radio tonight and it was the funniest thing I've heard in a long time. Google (what did we do before google!!) it and you can even see the video as well. Seriously, I haven't laughed this much in ages...

< - sorry but I can't get Blogger to play nice. Hilarious!!

3 - Earlier I posted about my desire to learn a new skill and I want to send out a huge thank you to a wonderful friend who got me started, motivated and definitely 'into' crochet. I've almost finished my first scarflet which I will share once I work out how to do the edging. It's so much faster! and I'm loving the one loop, no dropped stitches, easier frogging - bliss!!

4 - Above mentioned friend also gave my little family some frogs eggs to ?incubate? I have no idea what to call it, anyway, we have fish eggs and they are growing up and starting to wiggle! It's very exciting and so we've been reading/researching and generally just talking about life cycles. I think this is probably what home schooling is like on a very small, teeny tiny scale and I'm loving it. Between the learning, sharing, growing and developing we did on our holidays through to the life cycle of frogs I am thoroughly enjoying my children at the moment. Reading that sentence back it sounds like that concept is a novel one. It's not. But it's taken me a long time to adjust and feel like going with the flow and just taking the lead of the kids is the right thing to be doing.

5 - School went back today. I'm sad. I even asked the young master of the house if he had to go back to school. Reply - "Well yes mum I do have to go back to school.... (pondering)... I have to learn lots of things so I can grown up and know everything... (more pondering)... just like you". What a sweetie!

6 - School went back today. I'm very sad. To say that the other mums at my school aren't very friendly is an understatement and I'm not yet strong enough for this fact to not bother me. I know I'm from the wrong side of the tracks, I know I'm a single mama, I know I don't drive a 4WD tank, I know I don't have the guess handbag but I do have a happy friendly personality and I wish you would notice that. Just once.

7 - As previously mentioned we have a party coming up and it was such a joy to read on the invitation that they would like op-shopped, hand made or hand-me-down gifts. Very refreshing! Of course I had a ball at my local oppy finding lots of pretty, frilly, adorable things that one and three year old girls adore!

8 - The issue of comments was going around the blog world a while back and I've been contemplating this recently. What makes you comment on a blog? or not? If you have your own blog do you have it set to moderate comments before they are posted? why? or why not? I'm not sure why you would invite people to be involved and have input in your blog if you are only going to publish the comments that you like or that agree with you?? I know I'm slack at commenting so for the next week I am going to post on every single blog post that I read. Someone has taken the time to share their craft, stash, life and/or kids lives with me so I'm going to take a moment to tell them that I appreciate it!

Anyway, I'm off to watch Mr Williams again. And have another good chuckle. Again ;-)


Michelle said...

The youtube video is hilarious! I was drinking water while watching it, and that was a BIG mistake!

I am SO HAPPY you love to crochet! You are really very good at it, and I can't believe how easy it was to set you straight on the path to enlightenment ;-)

Enjoy those taddies. You are welcome to bring 'em back to their home pond when they get too big, or not! You might want to build your own pond!

Wrong side of the tracks? Pfft.


Since I've taken a break from blogging I haven't had the time or inclination to comment on a lot of blogs. I'm getting to the point of culling my reader list. In the meantime I just scan the friendly ones and delete the rest. When my life stops being so crazy I'm going to comment on every post for a whole week, just to show I really do care.

Long comment. Oops. ;-)

Mooska said...

I have just learnt to crochet too..and i love it. Am planning on tackling a larger project very soon. It is the Infinity Wrap ~ check it out on Rav!!

I wish people would look and see "people" not handbags, clothes or what cars they drive ~ they miss out on some beautiful friends being so narrow minded and 'closed off! And single mothers are the most wonderful mothers to their children, they have so much more time and attention to focus on their little ones (I know I was one for a number of years) perhaps that is why other mothers feel a bit threatened??

I am lucky, my girl only goes back to school 2 days a week (and not till next week) we homeschool the rest of the time and for us, it is just like you describe with your tadpole experience. We follow our interests and passions and it is alot of fun! We still have lots of time together to learn which i love, but we also get busy with lots of out of school activities next week!

I love to comment on blogs where i have connected with people in some way. They have similar interests, ideas or they write about something that 'ignites' my interest and a desire to share.

It is a whole world of social connection that i am happy to be a part of. I have so many "friends" now on Rav and who blog...x

Jack said...

I try to remember to comment on blogs, even if it is only to let people know that you aren't talking to yourself. ;)

sue said...

How great of you to learn to crochet. I am still going to attempt that properly this year too. I wouldnt worry about the other mothers not noticing you. I am sure down the track you will make some friends there. I always moderate my comments now as one person kept leaving viagra comments on my posts which werent that nice. I had to keep going back to posts all over the place and deleting them so this way is much easier. I never delete comments from anyone otherwise.

Kuka said...

it sounds like you guys have had the best holidays ever! =)

I agree with Mooska re the comments - I like to comment on blog posts that have touched/inspired/spoken to me.
That said, i'm sometimes a bit slack and think oh, i'll comment on that later but then forget =(

I think sometimes people moderate if they've been getting spam, or really nasty weird comments. I've seen a few bloggers who moderate but let comments through that disagree, but not if its just silly (like, your hair is fat and i hate you or something)

Can't wait to see how you go with your froggies!! =)

knitting sprouts said...

I will watch that video tonight I hope - i can't believe the energy you have with the kids - it is great. it inspires me to be a bit more engaged with the pirate.

And I have to admit I am feeling a little anxious about the whole other mum thing when we start school next week.

Bells said...

Welcome to crochet. I think Michelle must be a great teacher since she had success with you and George. I have tried to teach a couple of times and failed.

Commenting is a fun thing. Like most things, giving and receiving go hand in hand. I read far too many blogs to always comment on everything, but I love to give feedback and participate in the community as much as possible. I know my blog has grown because of reader feedback and knowing how much it has helped/pleased me means I try to give back wherever I can.

Georgie said...

Im so glad youre feeling the crochet love. Its a whole new world of creative oppourtunities! thank goodness for QuiltingMick! And bells - you didnt fail at all, you got me started!

Just remeber that the wrong side of the tracks over *your* side of town is in fact the right side, becasue it means youre on *our* side!!! Seriously, if the most important thing is what handbag you carry, then perhaps theyre not people you;d really be friends with anyway. While a little bit of friendly would be nice...if they cant be bothered with civilities and manners, then as QM said....pffft.

Comments - I have been slack lately with commenting because of lack of time and computer, but I do try and comment on blogs that I read end enjoy regularly. Although Im too shy to comment on the "famous" ones that get squllions of comments, like the yarn harlot. Even if it's just to say "I like you and I like what you write / do", or to show Im thinking of you, I do try. And will try even more!

Mandi said...

Yayy for you crocheting :) You know, I don't mind crochet, except the only thing Mum could teach me was how to do the strings for the tassel bits on the end of a crocheted blanket she did LOL Think i'll stick to jewellery making and scrapbooking!

You know, i'm kind of worried about the whole not fitting in at school thing next year too. But I figure if they don't like me well, then they aren't the sort of people I want to be around anyway. I'm so not a 'Guess handbag' type of girl, geez i'm happy with my Big W special ;) Although I'd really prefer one of those fabric hippy style bags, they are so nice!

And leaving comments, well I have done it on some that I don't know, but i'm still new to all of this blogging thing so don't read all that many... yet ;) I do like it when people comment on mine cause then it doesn't feel like i'm talking to a brick wall. I get enough of that here at home LOL

Dee said...

Sorry Bec, but I'm a slack commentor! I always read when you update but most of the time I'm getting a quick sanity break and all hell breaks loose before I get the chance to post.

I really enjoy reading your blog though!

Dee x

Jetta's Nest said...

Hi Bec, thanks for visiting my blog...and no, you don't want to see the fridge! It makes me cringe to even think about it :)

I probably don't comment enough, although I do make sure I leave on comment on posts that I find either inspiring or just beautiful!