Tuesday, April 14, 2009


at our house included
...Easter crafting to share with some friends over lunch
...some backyard camping with George and her brood which was great. Nothing like waking up in a tent and then walking 10 steps to be inside a nice warm house with all the mod cons!

...a few choccies - a rabbit for each of the kids plus a few eggs

...lots of knitting - including 2 FOs - more details to come later and another cast on to happen this afternoon

...some chill out time at the National Folk Festival. First time experience for me but I'll definitely be back next year with the kids as well. It was a really great night out. Will post a more detailed post later but it was fab.

...having pide for dinner with my folks while watching the rugby

...the best bit of easter? Chilling out with these two adorable little people who really make getting out of bed each day just a little bit easier. I love them more and more each day


Leonie said...

Hey cool Easter!

Michelle said...

I loved my little Easter basket. Thank you! Glad you had a great time at the folk festival, and for the rest of the weekend!