Thursday, April 2, 2009

Tough times

The past few weeks have been tough - well probably the past month really and as a result I haven't been online or blogging much. Things in our house are slightly messy and awful right now but I'm hoping it will all pick up again soon.

We're now just one week away from holidays for the boy and myself which I am absolutely and thoroughly looking forward to! We plan on doing lots of nothing during the break - a few day trips planned here and there but on the whole I think we both need time just to take a break, rest, relax and refresh. So six days, 3000 words and two shifts to go before the first half of the semester is over and done with for me. Izaak is doing well at school although this week has been messy with his normal classroom teacher being away. In saying that he has surprised me with how well he has coped with the change in routine. Charlotte on the other hand. Well, Charlotte is just being Charlotte. Enough said about that.

In crafty news I completed the favourite colours swap recently. My swapee is a purple lover so I went back to the old faithful - clapotis - with some 8ply Waratah Fibres. I'm not sure of the colourway because I'm not sure where the ball band got to. Slightly scratchy while being knitted but it softened beautifully on blocking. This swap had quite a long time from sign up to post out and as a result I collected quite a few more things that I had realised. A few things here... a bit there and it soon adds up! Anyway, the purple parcel that I posted out....

No parcel for me as yet but fingers crossed it'll be in the first few days of next week. In other yarnish news my absolute favourite store - the yarn cafe - had a recent offer which I couldn't resist so next week should be a deliciously yarny mail week. Due to the rather large amounts of yarn coming in I'm destashing this week to make some room (and dosh!) for the new stuff. Am working on a lace project for myself too but will share piccies once I've got more done.
Izaaks class are presenting their item at assembly today so the girl and I will head up to the school in a little bit and see how it all goes. Then it's cake and coffee with the people who we were neighbours with years ago. Her daughter is a few months older than Charlotte and the girls get along really well so it'll be nice to catch up with them again.
Anyway, that's all folks! Till next time....


Bells said...

Sorry to hear things have been tough. Hopefully a break will help things look better!

I saw your purple goodness on ravelry. Great swap package - love the clappy.

Leonie said...

Glad to hear the "tough" might be improving, I hope it is. The purple everything looks great, can't wait to see your colours. We are looking forward to the holidays here too, not having to be anywhere by 9am...bliss!! Enjoy your break!

kms said...

wow look at all that purple. hope your swap and yarn incoming helps you feel a bit better

Michelle said...

Hey you! I've missed you, even though by rights I haven't had the time to be missing anyone. Sorry that things have been so tough for you. Let me know if there is anything I can help out with.

The purple package looks gorgeous! Lucky swappee getting that beautiful clapotis. Hope yours arrives soon so it can lift your spirits and you can really enjoy it!

Dee said...

Hi Bec. It's so good to see you blogging again!

Hope you have a restful school holidays (we don't start until next week)

Take care

Dee x