Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A knitting update

To say that life around herehas been cazy would be an understatement and as a result any sort of crafty activities have been on hold. Until this week. Easter, while marking the school holidays and two weeks of my adorable boy being at home also marks uni holidays which means for two whole weeks there are no lectures to attend, no tutorials which I need to go to and relative freedom.

So... what have I been doing with all my free time? Getting crafty - that's what!

Pattern - Stacked Eyelet Cowl (Rav Link) (Non-Rav Link)
Needles - KP 4.5mm 40cm cable
Yarn - The Yarn Cafe - Sock club colourway "Pistachio"
Comment - When I opened my Yarn Cafe envelope and saw this yarn I knew that it wanted to be a cowl for this winter and the stacked eyelet is a pattern that I've liked for a while. Nice and simple, good for variegated yarns, I thought it would work well with this yarn which it does. I've used the yarn doubled as it was a 4ply and I wanted something a bit more chunky. It's snuggly and warm and just right for two brown winter coats that I have. I've still got about 30gr of this yarn left so I'm thinking I'll pair it with a plain beige 8ply to make some fingerless mittens.

Pattern - Tweedy Cabled Cap (Rav Link) (Non-Rav Link)

Needles - KP 4.5mm 40cm cable

Yarn - Some generic 8ply 100% wool picked up at Kmart for $2 per ball. Used about one and a half -not bad for about $3.00

Comments - Izaaks beanie from last year was looking pretty sad and more Jewish skull cap-ish than keep-your-head-warm-beanie so we decided he needed a new one. He sat at the laptop with me and we trolled through Rav for a while when he saw this pattern and loved the cable at the front. Apparently it's very ninja band like? Anyway, I didn't do as many rounds as the pattern because he doesn't like things covering his ears so it's quite a bit more shallow than the written pattern. Finished in a day though - quick, easy, nice knit with good shaping and I like the way that the decreases use the pattern as a design feature. If I could wear a beanie I'd want one like this

Pattern - Test knit for fellow Raveller

Needles - KP 4.5mm 40cm cable

Yarn - Malabrigo Worsted

Comments - This is a test knit for a pattern that is yet to be released and at the moment, doesn't have a name. I really like it though, nice lace pattern with straight rows for a rest. This pattern also recommended a Russian bind off which I had no idea how to do so it's been a good motivator for learning a new skill as well. It's snug and the Mmmmmallll is just so warm and cosy. This was my first FO in Malabrigo and it certainly won't be the last. This yarn is somewhat special, it being a birthday gift from George and all so I wanted to do a good job with it. I think I managed that! This is very yarn savy as well - less than half a skein for this little baby. I had 56gr remaining. I'm planning another one of these about half the size for the little miss of the house who is desperate for one "just like you Mum" Sometimes she's just too cute!

Pattern - Waffle Stitch Fingerless Gloves

Needles - 5mm straights

Yarn - Malabrigo Worsted

Comments - This is the 56gr left over from the cowl and given the cooler weather that we're having in Canberra this week a pair of fingerless gloves seems only fitting. It is strangely nice knitting flat for a change and this is a good looking, well written pattern which is perfect for the half skeins of the stash. I've done one and am 8 rows from finishing the second. There was a period of panic where I thought I was going to run out of yarn but I'm going to be fine and will end up with a few grams left over. I really feel like I've gotten the most out of this skein of yarn. I cast on 40 rather than 36 as I do have larger than normal hands and I'm a tight knitter but I need not have bothered. They would have been big enough with the 36 and are, if anything, a touch too big with the 40. I'm not going to block them - I don't want them to grow any bigger. Can't wait for the cowl to dry though - I can have matching cowl & gloves! yay!

So that's what has been happening in the crafty stakes here since Friday - I'm really enjoying having the extra time to get projects finished. I've also knitted exclusively from stash so that makes me feel good as well. The next things on the needles will be gloves for the kids and a beanie for Charlotte. I like the little projects too - being able to start something and finish it wthin a few days has fed my 'instant gratification' needs. I'm also feeling the need to crotchet so the hook may well come out in the next few days. Yay for holidays!


123? said...
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Michelle said...

Nice work! How do you find the time and the inspiration?!?

Leonie said...

you have been very crafty! What a good holiday!!

Mrs B said...

Ok, help me Bec, what is a FO? I LOVE Izaak's beanie! It looks great on him :) Also love that lace pattern through the nameless one. You do such gorgeous work! Love all of it :)

Bec said...

Mandi - FO = Finished Object. It's a rarity around here these days!!

Kuka said...

I absolutely LOVE Izaak's beanie! And it is really cool that he helped you pick it out too! Who knew ninja's were so stylish? =)

Dee said...

Your projects look fantastic Bec!