Friday, May 1, 2009

A day in the life....

.... of my 3 year old

Fridays are special 'Mummy-Charlotte' time and we have gotten into a routine - dropping Izaak at school then heading to our local shops. We each get a trashy mag from the newsagent and then head to the coffee shop for a hot choccie and piece of cake to enjoy while we each read our respective mags. Charlotte's this week also had a bunch of 'bonuses' - stick on earings, rings, lippy etc - absolutely perfect for a three year old girl!

Stuart has been staying with my parents this week and so after our coffee we went to pick him up and the little miss couldn't have been happier to get some Stuie love!

She dressed herself this morning - pick the child of the knitting mother!!

And finally, we picked up the little master of the house whose day at school included art and craft today - meet the newest member of the household - Mr Green ;-)

Tomorrow we're off for a family adventure to the Collector Pumpkin Festival hopefully it will warm up a bit - we're all struggling with the temperatures at the moment!


Michelle said...

I do like the sound of your mummy-daughter day! Charlotte is such a lovely girl, and such a character.

Did you have fun at the pumpkin festival?

Kuka said...

oh adorable!! I love the sound of mummy-daughter days too =) and Charlie's little jumper looks great!