Saturday, May 9, 2009

Knitting productivity

Some more finished things from this week......
Pattern - Aunt Maggie Slippers (Rav) (Non-Rav)
Yarn - Cleckheaton Nautico? (I think??)
Needles - 6mm straights
Comments - We have slate floors and it's FREEZING in the winter time. I wanted something quick and cheery for Izaaks feet so he wasn't so cold. These were perfect. I knit the two at the same time using 2 different balls which made them go even faster - they took one day and that was between shopping, cooking, eating, playing etc. Perfect fit. Lovely.
And of course if one has something the other seems to think that they must have the same. Charlotte picked an absolutely fugly yarn - but she tells me it's like beautiful rainbows. Anyway, the yarn was worsted so I used it doubled and decreased the cast on to 21 which ended up being a perfect fit.

Pattern - Girls cap sleeved spring shirt (Rav) (Non-Rav)
Yarn - Vera Moda Tradition
Needles - 5mm
Comments - I really like this pattern. It's the second Shelly Floyd pattern that I've knit now and they are simple but really lovely. I ran out of the purple yarn so had left it for a while then while attempting to find something in the absess known as the cupboard under the stairs I found another ball of tradition in a lighter shade of purple so added in a stripe on the bottom. I'm thinking it might need some duplicate stitch something on the top to pull it all together?? Anyway, it fits really well, will last for a while and she loves it - perfect!!

My nephew turns 2 this weekend and given how badly he has trashed the sock monkey that I gave him last year I decided a new soft toy was in order. Made up as I went along with fabrics/felt/buttons out of the stash this little monster was born....

Let's hope he likes it!


Bel (p2p) said...

Agree - Charlotte's yarn is fugly! But it's also very Charlotte :)

I still need some of your knitting and sewing talent - bits monster is very cute!


Leonie said...

cute monster!

Olivia said...

I like the slippers and the little shirt, but I LOVE the monster! Great work! I hope she/he is loved just like the sock monkey obviously was.

knitting sprouts said...

those kinds of things are so good for using up fugly yarn though aren't they? I love that soft toy - it is too cute. thanks for the nice comments on my grizzle post - I need to get to the caves one of these days.

Jetta's Nest said...

I love your monster! The feet are awesome!!

Dee said...

Where can I put my order in??? I just love those slippers/bedsocks! I want some.

Great work Bec.