Saturday, May 23, 2009

I put on a vest with an S on my chest

I love the song Superwoman by Alicia Keys -
"even when I'm a mess I still put on a vest with an S on my chest...I'm a superwoman" for me it's one of those empowering songs that picks me up when things seem so bloody hard.

My last post was a list of things that was happening for my little family and me and things were looking pretty crazy. I'm feeling like a bit of a superwoman though - I've been able to cross off quite a few things from the list...

- Izaak has had his speech assessment with amazing results. In one of the subtests his raw score last year was 9. This year?...................... 22!!!!

- Green swap is finished - well almost. I just need to wrap everything up

- Stashbuster swap is finished. A fair isle cowl in Noro and a little choccie. Again just needs wrapping

- Cowl swap is almost done. I just need to graft the two halves together. I've been trying to do a 3 needle bind off but I'm thinking, after making upteen mistakes, that I'm just going to graft them together.

- 1 essay almost done.

In other news I applied for a scholarship way back in March and this week found out that I have been awarded the Lorna May scholarship for 2009!! This means that I can buy textbooks for next semester and apply for a few courses that I've been looking at without having to worry about moolah ;-)

So all my juggling balls - uni, clinical, kidlets, family, housework, crafting - are still up in the air and I'm still sane! Miraculous!! Must be that vest....


Kuka said...

oh Bec that's great news!!
Congratulations on your scholarship - text book time is PAINFUL! =)

Michelle said...

Wow! What fantastic news about the scholarship!

I am so proud!

Mrs B said...

WTG Bec! I think you should make yourself a vest with that S on it ;) With all the gorgeous work you do, I bet it would be really easy.

AWESOME news on the scholarship!! What sorts of courses are you looking at? Exciting times ahead :) :)

Also WTG Izaak!!! Ohh how great is he doing?!? Very impressive little guy :)

knitting sprouts said...

wonderful! you are amazing

Leonie said...

"S" for superwoman, superjuggler, supermum extraordinaire!!
Fabulous work and great job on the scholarship!