Friday, June 12, 2009

Master chef...

... Izaak

He's decided he wants to be a chef "once I grow up to be a big man". I see opportunity so we've started some basic cooking lessons and as a result once a week he is going to (with assistance) be cooking dinner.

Last week he decided on enchiladas and while I fried off the mince he prepared the rest and this was the final result. Looked good and tasted great!

Any ideas on particularly kid-friendly recipes for budding chefs??


Michelle said...

My brother was a really good cook at a young age too. Which was good as he was always a very fussy eater!

My suggestions for young cooks are:

Savoury pikelets
Shepherds pie

Go Izaak go!

Lou's Mum said...

that's fantastic Bec! I think I need to get Louis doing this also.

I suggest pizza. our kids love helping to put those together. got nothing else right now though lol blog about what you get him to make so I can use your ideas!

Bel - P2P said...

Yay Izaak!

Bec - I'll got through my SFI mags - every month there is a page or 2 on kids cooking, happy to copy them for you and your budding chef :)

Leonie said...

Easy peasy sausage rolls: fresh sausages, frozen pastry. Cut the pastry into four squares, wrap around sausage, put on tray cook in oven until nicely browned. Done!

Jetta's Nest said...

This is great. What a fun and very responsible thing for Izaak to do and he gets to have fun too!

Pizza is great to make and so are savoury scrolls made with puff pastry.

Jejune said...

What a fantastic effort! Yum!

Women's Weekly has some good cookbooks for kids, as does Family Circle (I had several for my kids) - a good range of easy and delicious recipes. You might also find recipes on Mollie Katzen does a great range of kiddie cookbooks, too.