Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What a weekend!

So for the long weekend the whole extended tribe headed over to Batemans Bay for a 'family' holiday. I use that term loosely because the tribe consisted of me with the two ferals, my folks, my sister & her partner and their two little boys. In the end it turned out much better than expected and I even managed, for the most part, to keep my mouth shut!

Kids had an absolute blast. Izaak has been wanting to learn to ride a bike without his training wheels for a while now but on the advice of his physio and occupational therapist I had decided to leave them on. I'd love to say that it was my intrinsic belief in my child tht I took them off but the reality is that my seven year old has amazing 'nag' powers and it all got too much for me. I should have gone with the first motivator because I put him on the path, gave him a little wobbling, pushing and lots of encouragement and he was off! This was the first day I took the wheels off and he did so well (and was so big!) that I got him a bigger bike while we were away. He rode 5km from the cabins into town and back again and was on the bike every free moment he had - definitely worth the investment!

Charlotte loves her bike too and did a great job on the massive 5km ride as well. It was crazy looking at this little girl and remembering that 18 months ago she was too scared to even walk on sand and I had to carry her when we went to the beach. A dozen camping trips later and she runs through the water, jumping in the puddles and having a great time watching the pelicans and seagulls in the water. She was fascinated by the boat ramp as well and spent a good half hour in the evening watching the boats come outof the water and onto the trailers. Same thing in reverse the next morning.

It's been a crazy ride but man do I love this little chicken...

We headed home on Monday around lunch time but had a quick stop off for a game of putt-putt. It was hilarious and wonderful at the same time. I loved seeing Izaak - waiting, sharing, talking, interacting like a 'normal' kid. Heart warming for this proud mamma!

Then it was back to reality - my law & ethics exam was today and went well. I've got one more paper to write and another exam then I've got a few weeks of uninterrupted, unplanned, creative crafty time that I am **so**looking forward to!


Dee said...

Congratulations Isaac!!!! What a great accomplishment. I remember you commenting when my ds3 finally rode without trainer wheels, not that long ago! They definately do it in their own time, that's for sure Bec.

And Congrats to Charlotte too! She sounds like the seasoned camper now.

Good on you Bec, you're all out and experiencing the wide, wide world.

You're an inspiration to me, who talks about it a lot and does it 50%.

Good luck for the rest of the semester.

Dee x

Michelle said...

Well done Izaak! And Charlotte on such a big ride too!

Sounds like a great weekend away.

Good luck with your final assessments!

knitting sprouts said...

well done Isaak and charlotte! we are up to riding without training wheels but it isn't going so well. Sounds like a great trip - we went to wombeyan caves and you were right of course - they are fantastic and I can't wait to go again and camp there in warmer months