Thursday, November 27, 2008


I seriously think that the world is conspiring against me.... well against me and my tent. For a good two months now I've had the camping itch and it seems every weekend I plan to go something happens and of course this weekend was no different. It's wet - almost 15mm of rain has fallen today with predictions of more coming. Not happy. Nor are the children so to attempt to please the younger members of the clan our tent is currently erected in the back yard at my parents house. Seriously not happy now as that's part of what I was trying to get away from.

Results came out today. Very very seriously not happy.

Onto bigger and brighter things I have been super efficient and organised in the past few weeks getting lots of stuff in my life sorted out. Much christmas crafting has been occuring and I am actually feeling well prepared for the event. I did have a slight brain snap last night and invited both of my biological parents to lunch. At the same time. On christmas day. I think I've gone mad. Certifiably mad. Anyway, I'm now off to trawl the mags to put together a christmas day feast. Wish me luck because I'm bloody well going to need it!


Caffeine Faerie said...

*hugs, chocolate and lots of good karma*

Bells said...

your results aren't good? But you've had a great semester!!!

Mandi said...

Bec, inviting them both, yep your crazy LOL but don't worry, we still love you.

As for the conspiracy, it sure sounds like your not meant to be getting away at the moment. Hopefully the weather will stop being crazy VERY soon and you guys can escape before Christmas.

What happened with your results?

Big hugs to you chicky!

kms said...

oh for sure thats a conspiracy. my experience of bad things lately is they happen altogether for a bit and then you get a really big break. i hope you get one soon. and if your parents are like mine, then yes you are crazy.