Saturday, February 7, 2009

WIP round-up

So lately I've had a case of start-itis and I've got more projects on the go than normal and there is only three weeks until uni goes back and I want to get the majority of these finished before that happens. So at the moment I've got on the needles....

** a scarf

** a pair of mitens

** a Mr Greenjeans - sorry but no pic for that one although I have to say that it is the most fab shade of green ;-)

Over at Rav I've been doing some karma swaps and was lucky enough to nab some Cascade 220 in a lolly pink, lavender and a lime green. I do have some of this yarn in the stash thanks to Bells but I haven't used any yet and these smaller amount (140gr in total) would make a good try-it project. I finally settled on some corazon gloves but unfortunately it's just not working. The colours together and just - yuk!. It doesn't look *that* bad in the photo but it's about 10 times brighter in natural light. I think this may just be the ugliest thing I have ever knit. Ew.

I wonder just how much I can get done before the first week in March?

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