Friday, February 6, 2009


I have had the most perfect day today and just wanted to share ;-)

Lots of running around today first of all dropping off a fridge, then collecting a rabbit hutch and some clothing for the girl for next winter (thanks freecycle) plus about a kazillion other errands being done today. Rent and bills are paid, centrelink and child support are sorted. I had spoken to twitchy fingers about some clothes that I had to pass on to her little man and organised to drop if off today. What I hadn't organised or expected was 2 big bags of clothes for my little lovely for winter. I *love* hand me down. Love them. And I love the condition of hand me downs - the tops with strategically placed buttons, the jeans with iron on patches, stains etc. They are all good. But this bag. OMG. This bag was the jackpot! 5 pairs of shoes - my child is a shoe addict - and enough clothes to outfit her for the entire winter! I hope twitchy realises how much I appreciate it! Life is good.

Then we got home and got dinner organised. I love BBQs and I love BBQs even more since christmas when my wonderful nanna bought me a new 4 burner, hooded one for a combined chrissie/birthday pressie. Fresh corn, organic lamb chops/sausages and potato gems (thanks to George I am now addicted to processed potato products on the BBQ). Life is fantastic.

Post dinner requires a dip in the pool, playing with the kids and watching cricket on the telly (yep - I've given in - at least for the sport!) while sipping a glass of my absolute favourite wine and enjoying some grapes, still chilly out of the fridge. Life doesn't get any better!

Before I go I have to share a moment with you.... as we got home I exclaimed that I was going to "fire up the barbie" to which the 7 year old autistic child replies "mum, you can't fire Charlotte's dolls - she'll cry and it's not nice to make Barbie go on fire - she will get too hot". Bliss. Absolute Bliss.


Jack said...

It would be un-bloody-Australian not to watch the cricket. ;)

twitchy fingers said...

You're welcome - I'm glad to have contributed to a good day!

Mrs B said...

LMAO @ the Little Man's comments about Barbie!! Oh I seriously love that boys mind!

Bec, how I wished we lived closer. I'd so come and bring a bottle of Brown Bros to have a drink with you. What an awesome day (I LOVE hand me downs too, they are great hey!) finished with an awesome evening.

Nice one chicky! Life IS good :)

sue said...

Isnt it great. I always pass on my kids clothes to friends and relatives too. I am so glad that you had a wonderful day too. The pool looks so cooling too, wish we could do that in our backyard.

Jetta's Nest said...

LOL, I agree, it really isn't nice to set fire to poor Barbie, she is 50 after all!!

I surely do do custom stuff Bec. Just shoot me an email (from my blog) if you're interested.

Enjoy your Brown Bros!

Kuka said...

oooh lovely!!!
A perfect day indeed!!!
How clever of you two to have complimentary sets of kiddies! hehe
I adore corn, but haven't been brave enough to bbq it yet... maybe that's tomorrow's dinner sorted.
And can I just say potato gems are my most favourite food ever! hehe

Sarnia said...

Oooahh I'm liking the Brown Bros and the grapes (love them frozen here) and the BBQ looks potato gems cook better on the bbq? Must give it a whirl ;)

Sounds like a great day :)

Melissa Searle said...

Hhahahah classic! :) Love what isaak said about the barbies, nice one! I cracked up out loud. Hahaa Kids say the darndest things eh?