Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Bargain and blowout

First off there was some bargains....

Jag bag (fab size for uni!), crochet blanket, pants for the girl, tops for the girl, tops for the boy, a top for me and 2 gorgeous little plates for the grand total of..... $20

Then there was the budget blowout but given the temp could hit 40 on Saturday I think it'll be worth it and even if it doesn't, the look on the kids faces when they got home from school/FDC and they spotted it was worth it!


Michelle said...

So it was a double thumbs up day? Excellent! The pool looks so nice. and the kids look positively joyous!!

Mandi said...

Oh Bec, your nearly a Guess bag Mum ;) LOL (sorry, couldn't help myself LOL). WTG on the bargains though, oh how I LOVE a good bargain!

LOVE the look on Little Miss' face in the second photo! That pool is wayyy too cool!

Kuka said...

hey your new bag is great - iit will be perfect for uni!!!
And WOW!
Love the new pool!!!