Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Blankets of friendship

There are a bunch of us over at Ravelry who have started a group to knit squares, sew them into blankets and provide a little love to those who have lost so much. There has also been a blog started to keep track of all the donations

We'd love you to help out so here are all the vital stats...

- squares are 12"

- preferred yarn is machine washable wool but synthetics (acrylics, nylon etc) are fine too!

- no stitch preference - be as creative as you like!

- once your squares are finished you can post them to - P.O Box 212 - Jerrabomberra NSW 2619

Thanks to all those who have already donated yarn, needles, blankets or squares. I'm really excited by the huge response we've already got! The ABC is on board as well and I'll be doing an update with them next week so keep an ear out to hear how the blankets are progressing!

Not a knitter? There are plenty of other ways to help out - some of which can be seen on Kuka's blog as well as some auctions over at ozebaby, the yarn collective and this site. Treat yourself or your little one and know that you're helping a very worthy cause at the same time.


knitting sprouts said...

thansk Bec - you are amazing. I have started my first square

nettie said...

You're doing a great job, Bec!

Mrs B said...

Awesome idea Bec!! Have sent Mum the info, and if she can get a square started for me (have I told you how much I am creatively challenged?? I can knit, just can't start or finish them) i'll start knitting some too.

Jejune said...

Thank you for such a brilliant idea, and you're doing a wonderful job! You're much braver than me, I can't do radio stuff :)

My mum is knitting too ...

Ozifarmer said...

Hi Bec, love your blog, it looks great. We had a S&B at my place yesterday and got lots done, lots more squares went home with the ladies which should speed things up.

I'm on the ABC this morning so will be putting out a strong appeal for someone to ship all your blankets down here.