Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Off the wagon.... and it's running away!

Do you ever have one of those impulsive moments and do things that you'll later regret? Please, tell me you have and especially tell me them if they involve purchases of yarn. So I had a bit of a stash blow-out yesterday and then came home and tried to work out what was going to be what. I've liked Mr Greenjeans for a long time and I think the superwash 8ply will be perfect but I only bought 10 balls so what did I do? Of course, I went back to Lincraft today.

4 more balls of the superwash, 3 of balmoral tweed in a lovely green (slouchy hat) and 5 balls of Smoothie DK (textured cardigan). Why? Why did I do it! This afternoon I re-arranged the furniture and went through the various stash bags/baskets/boxes/crates and got all the yarn I own together in one spot on the lounge room floor. Honestly, if you see me in a yarn store PLEASE kick my butt and tell me to leave. I can not buy anymore. I'm out of control. Seriously. I think I have a serious problem and I need to get a handle on it so I am ABSOLUTELY not buying ANY yarn for the next 3 months. I've got so many projects with the pattern and yarn ready to go that I really have no excuse to buy anything.

Going through the stash also revealed some long term WIP's that I want to get finished. I've got a clappy, fetching & grocery bag organised for the Ravelympics and after that I want to get these done.
1 - Knitting Needle Bag - knitting of the bag is done but it needs lining put it (I've already bought the fabric - just needs to be cut and sewn in) and straps
2 - A set of fingerless Noro mitts - first one done.
3 - Buttony - Have done one sleeve and am down to the waist of the body. About 8 inches of body and 2nd sleeve to do.
4 - Another clappy for my aunt. Set up rows done.

Then I'll start on the stash. I feel like I could quit uni, sell the kids and knit 24/7 and I still wouldn't get through the ridiculous amounts of yarn I've gathered ! !


Caffeine Faerie said...

welcome to the wonderful world of stash enhancement. You do know the story of George's blow-out - that's the benchmark we aspire to.

As for me, I'll make a pact with you - no more yarn buying for the rest of the year - or at least, until we've used quite a portion up...

Bells said...

i have read so many references to George's happy day of stash enhancement this morning. It's killing me. I love it.

Bec, it's a wonderful, soft, warm world we live in, especially when all that yarn is spread over the lounge room floor. I'll never forget the first time I did it - Sean had no idea the stash had been steadily growing like that.

ps don't sell the kids. Just enjoy it! he he

Trudi said...

I sort of know the feeling. I pulled out half my stash to catalogue it on ravelry, I couldn't believe how much I had. Good luck with the no buy thing, I am not very good at it.

Kuka said...

AND if you quit uni and sell the kids you'll have more cash for yarn!! win/win - right? hehe
I bought 40 balls at the lincraft sale last week (including 20 of gorgeous grey balmoral which i have no idea what to do with), and i'm thinking about going back on friday!! =s
But, you know, this is the perfect time to buy yarn - it's cold enough to imagine knitting up warm snugglies, and since we're approaching the end of winter yarn is on sale everywhere! And it doesn't go off! =)

sue said...

Oh my stash is like the Magic Pudding, take a little bit out and it fills right up again. I love the Smoothie DK yarn and have been making quite a few projects out of it. I buy mine online at The Knitting Shop which is in Vic. and it has a great price and colors too. I am sure you will knit some more of your stash, perhaps I should not buy anymore until next year either.