Sunday, August 24, 2008

Weekend adventures....

After a full-on week with uni and my practical placement starting I needed to de-stress, de-brief, de-whatever so the kidlets and I packed up and drove over to the coast on Friday afternoon. We went to our favourite camping spot in the Murramarang National Park at Pebbly Beach. It's just so quiet and peaceful and we were the only campers there so we had the place to ourselves. The kids had a ball running around like complete loonies and being as loud as they wanted to be without me having to worry about upsetting/annoying anyone else.

For the first time EVER I managed to get the camp fire going! Yahoo!!!! and we sat, staring at the flames for all of about 10 minutes before we started hearing the first droplets of rain falling on the tent roof and then within about 10 seconds it was pouring down! We made a run for it to the tent and I watched in sadness as the flames were extinguished but I did it! So we fell asleep with the sound of rain pelting down onto the tent. Everything stayed dry and we were fine although I did get worried when the lightening started but we were fine.

Saturday the kids and I went for a long (ie 2 hour) walk on the National Park tracks and my lovely little girl walked the whole way! I was really surprised because I thought she'd pike about 10 minutes in. We found a fantastic beach about 45 minutes walk from camp which is FULL of pebbles. Izaak loved it! Walked back and the kids fell asleep so I got some knitting time in. Mum and Dad called past on their way to their cabin in town so the kids were excited to show them around the campsite. We went into town on Saturday night for dinner with them which was nice and then as we were coming back to camp we spotted this little fella eating the scraps the kids had left out and yep - thats the inside of the tent!! Well between the outer shell and inner shell anyway.
Sunday they came back for brekky and the kids had another close up experience with the natives....

and then we went for another walk to the rocky beach. The Olympics have obviously had an effect on the little miss who was practicing her best discus/javelin throw with the rocks while Izaak went for a big walk around the rocks and caves with grandad - you can *just* see them in the piccie - gives you an idea of how big the rock flats are out there.

where we spotted yet more animal life which were quite friendly....

and what do you do to top off a fantastic day in the great outdoors? Roast marshmallows of course - the blacker the better!

Izaak loves writing his name in the sand and I was lucky enough to have mine done too this time! I can't believe my little man is turning 7 soon. Where did the time go?

So we finally packed up, exhausted an came home again feeling de-briefed, de-stressed and ready to face the week ahead. I managed to drop and break my camera at the beach though so I've got the photos that are on the memeory card but I can't take any now until he goes to the camera-fix-it place. Oh and I managed to cast off my fetching mittens late last night just in time to complete them for the Ravelympics. Now I've started this dress for the little miss for summer. Pics to follow when mine is fixed or when I see mum next to borrow her camera. So much yarn, so many great patterns, so little time!!


Georgie said...

Wow, what a fabulous weekend! Good work on the fire! We've nver been to Murramurang, but its on the list now, it looks fabulous.

Bells said...

don't they look like snug bunnies all wrapped up at the beach?

Lovely weekend, even if you fire did get rained on (very impressed, by the way). I could no more get my shit together to go camping than I could figure out the whole fire thing.