Monday, October 27, 2008

Christmas Monkeys

I've been struggling with christmas ideas for my two nephews given that they have absolutey everything. Too many clothes, toys, books, puzzles - too much of everything really and I know that my sister doesn't understand/appreciate the time, effort and energy that goes into handmade gifts so I was reluctant to knit anything for them.

Then I came across this tutorial for sock monkeys and thought this would be a quick and easy gift that won't upset me when, in a month after christmas, I find them in the bottom of the toy box or under the bed - forgotten. So today (my first day without children or uni!!) I sat down with these
and created this
As a prototype I think this will be Charlotte's after she gets a smile and some eyes - the monkey that is, as far as I'm aware Charlotte's smile and eyes are present and accounted for!. I made a complete mess of the ears so this one is ear-less but not bad for 4 hours work. Economical too given that I used about a quarter of a bag of hobbyfill ($5 for the whole 200gr bag) and $4 for 2 pairs of socks so it meets all the requirements - handmade, cheap, unique. Will definitely be making more of these!


Kuka said...

oh!!!! he turned out great!!!!
I love it!

Dee said...

He looks fantastic Bec!! He'll make someone a great bed toy too!

Oh how I wish I was crafty!