Saturday, October 25, 2008

FO - Radiating Star Blanket

This is the first of the christmas list that I can cross off! This blankie is for my nanna who, as a fellow knitter, will actually appreciate and use it!
It's the first time I've had to wet block anything and after spending more than an hour with it I know it's not a perfect circle but CBA changing it - again! Any hints for blocking in a circle?

Pattern - Radiating Star Blanket

Yarn - Bendy Rustic 12 ply - Colour 'Red Tweed'

Needles - 7mm

The yarn usage is rather deceptive - I got to round 59 on the first ball and then ran out of yarn so it's actually 10 rows smaller than it should have been. I'm happy with this though and it was only 4 nights of work so it went by really quickly.

Oh and because I'm such a mean mum.....

Charlotte with a head cold. Not a happy chappy!


Bells said...

4 nights? Wow. I'm going to copy you again. I'm desperately impressed.

twitchy fingers said...

Maybe put a bit of string around a pencil, poke thew pencil in the middle and then stretch the string out to the edge of the circle. continue around?? sorry, typing with one hand while samall child bangs spoon on keyboard...norkerai

Georgie said...

Wow, you just raced through that! It looks fab, and since its never laid out flat where you can see it inst *quite* perfectly round, I dont think it matter two hoots.