Friday, October 17, 2008

Scary Santa Season....

is fast approaching! It's just less than 10 weeks until the fat man in the red suit decends although the retail market is certainly flourishing with christmas merchandise as my lunch partner and I discovered today.

So tonight I've sat down and made a few lists of things that need to get organised and made before school finishes. Uni comes to an end in the next fortnight so I'll have a few (5 I worked out!!) weeks of kid-free time before the end of uni and the end of school during. So I will have 5 weeks to create masterpieces of craftiness for the family/friends.

I'm planning on some oven mitts for my dad, possibly a beer cozy for my mum, socks for my sister to wear under her work shoes, shorts for nephews x 2, possibly a cape or two for my little treasures (I really like this pattern too because it moves away from the licensed character stuff), some house/bed socks for my nanna and a beanie for my other dad. There are a few other baked goodies and little nick nack sorts of thingies. I want to get the kids to paint onto some canvas bags as well this year and give those as well. I'm really trying to avoid buying new as much as possible.

So... what are you planning for your loved ones this festive season? I'd love to hear!


Bells said...

i always plan more knitting than I end up doing. This year I'm trying to be reasonable and just do it for a few people who will really appreciate it. Started a lace shawl, a simple one, for my sister yesterday!

Mandi said...

Hey Bec, I love that cape! Have saved that pattern to do for the little gentlemen :) 10wks, scary thought for sure! Hugs to you!!