Monday, May 10, 2010

Mothers Day - Shmuthers Day

Yesterday was Mothers Day and while I saw and heard of lots of mums getting brekky in bed, pressies and being thoroughly spoilt my day was not like that. My day started with my children having round four of world war twenty-two. Followed by a number of messes created by children. Morning tea with my family which was painful. Then my computer died. Again. Dinner burnt. It was crap. A totally crap day. Crap.


Kuka said...

oooh that's no good =(
I reckon breakfast in bed isn't all its cracked up to be - at home when i was a kid it was 4 of us fighting over who got to burn mum's toast and make crappy tea, and then extra dishes for her to do later =s
hope the rest of your week is better xo

Michelle said...

Well, I hope the day after Monthers Day was much better!

knitting sprouts said...

oh no - that sounds just awful. I just totally ignored the whole thing - Ned had no idea. I hope the next day was better.