Thursday, May 6, 2010


Gone for three months and all I'm offering is a dot-point list... Anyway, since last post I/we...
  • Have become single again - dramatic, hurtful, yukky - enough said about that other than the kids and I are fine and I think that it was all for the best.
  • Knitted a whole heap of stuff which really deserves its own post but there are 3 cardigan/jumpers finished & being loved
  • The little lady has learnt to write her own name & is now starting to read - she is only just four and a half and has taken it upon herself to learn to read. Not sure how I feel about that but will explore at a later date
  • The boy child is embarking on lots of new academic programs although is driving me and everyone else crazy with some of the behaviours lately. We are about to start working with a new therapist so it will be interesting to see what happens on that front.
  • I am absolutely LOVING work - it makes me feel amazing. There is definitely an amount of emotional drainage as well as tiring physically but loving, loving, loving it. Great staff, interesting cases. All good on that front.
  • Have finished my probation period with work so I am now a fully fledged member of the working mother community now!
  • We have hired a nanny/sitter which is working out beautifully - kidlets are happy with her, I'm happy and she's happy - what more could we ask for?
  • Nanna has been & gone for a visit - involved lots of cakes & eating out, knitting, chatting, crosswords, tea & snuggles. I hope that the kids remember and are creating memories of these precious times that we have with her.
  • I finished my mums birthday quilt (again, separate post coming)
  • I've started back at the gym - my legs/butt are killing me. So far this week I've done a pump, step & hook up (boxing) class. Aiming for 3 classes/sessions a week but will see how that goes with work commitments/children etc.

Doesn't seem like much but life seems to have been crazy busy!!


Michelle said...

So nice to hear from you on the blog! Hope I might see you tomorrow at KTBees, otherwise the wool day??

Bella said...

Glad to see you back...was starting to think that you'd given up on the blog!

Sorry to hear that things went south with your relationship...thinking we are all overdue for a girly lunch and catch up...

xox Bel

knitting sprouts said...

so much going on for you - good and bad. great to hear from you though - and to run into you the other day.