Monday, May 31, 2010

Who would've thought...

...that these could solve the penis issue for my boy??

I know it's a 'typical' boy thing to touch their penis but Izaak was doing it more and more and more. As he gets older it becomes more socially unacceptable and it had started becoming an issue at school as well. I know that this is sensory/autism related and as a nail biter, I know what it's like to have a habit that you are doing but don't conciously know you are doing and I think that is exactly what was happening with him. Subconsciously, whenever he was getting stressed/anxious the hand would wander straight to the pants.

Many moons ago a speech therapist suggested that we get a bracelet for him that he could fiddle with when the anxiety/stress became an issue. We did but he wouldn't wear it because it pulled at the hairs on his arm so it lasted all of about 10minutes before it was off and in the bin. The penis issue has gotten worse and worse over past weeks so when we were looking for hair ties and spotted these old phone cord type thingies in the hair isle I immediately knew I needed some. And knew exactly what I was going to use them for. He headed off to school today with 2 wrapped around his wrist and with me talking alot about not touching himself. I pick him up at the gate this afternoon with great reports from his teacher that the penis issue wasn't an issue at all today. I'm going back to the $2 shop tomorrow to buy the rest of the stock - just in case!!

Fingers crossed the penis issue is over for good now!


Bella said...

Awesome find!!! And if they work and get rid of that issue, then I'll hunt through every $2 shop on this side of town for you as well (which shop did you get them from?)

Shiny Nurse said...

I wonder if that would work for thumb sucking??