Saturday, May 15, 2010

I'm excited...

.... tomorrow is the Old Bus Depot Markets - 2010 Yarn Day.

This will be my third year in attendance and each year that I've been I feel like my knowledge and purchases have been just that little bit better each time. My first year trip can be seen here and is a testament to my newbie purchases. I can honestly say that the Blueberry ridge did indeed become a beanie for my mum which I am almost certain she has never worn. All other purchases were either overdyed, swapped, gifted, destashed or chucked out. I made less purchases last year (mainly 4plys for shawls) and again, 1 skein I sent out in a swap, 2 are still sitting in the stash and 1 is still awaiting it's dye bath. So why am I going in this year?

Well I've decided I deserve a reward for myself. In the past few months I have knitted quite a few laying garments and accessories and all of these have been from stash. So far..
** Tappan Zee from Lincraft Balmoral Tweed
** Estelle from Cascade 220
** Mondo Cable Cardi from Lincraft Cashmere Blend
** Vortex Shawl from some stash baby yarn
and tonight I finished a Just Enough Ruffles from some Rowan Kid Classic which I am really looking forward to wearing to the market tomorrow. So, given how much stash I've used up in the past few weeks/months I feel that I deserve a treat.

I am setting the rule though that I'll only be buying yarn which I can see a clear purpose for and which I can use in the next few projects ie - no buying just cause it's pretty/different/'my' colours. I have managed to pick up a six-pack (sounds like a beer buy!!) of Bendigo 8ply in Cranberry which is a colour I love from a fellow Canberran Raveller which I'll be collecting tomorrow as well.

So what's next on my crafting list?? I've been super inspired by Michelle's Noro Shawl and am going to attempt something similar with a skein of Noro Silk Garden Sock yarn from the stash. I am planning more FO posts on the above mentioned projects but need to find the time and octopus arm skills to get some decent photos. Will be back soon with the market haul - of course that fit into the rules....

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Kuka said...

sorry i missed you today - can't wait to see your haul!
And the new scarf!! =)