Tuesday, May 18, 2010

OBDM - Yarn Day Round Up

So these are the goodies that made their way home with me....

Firstly, this yarn is not for me but for an autumn swap I'm participating in over on Rav so I hope that my swap partner will be suitably impressed with this yarn - I certainly am!! It's from Carrie over at Fibrewebs and the pictures do not do this yarn justice - the colours are absolutely gorgeous!!

Secondly, as a uni student for up-teen number of years my wardrobe consists of a ridiculous amount of jeans so when I spotted "blue jeans" I decided it would make a great little lace scarf/small shawl with the added bonus that it would go with everything already in the wardrobe.
This green just jumped out at me from Fibreworks and it'll either end up as socks for the young man of the house (whose autistic tendancies towards green would be thoroughly thrilled with!) or again, another small shawl (thinking 198 yards of heaven/travelling woman). Yet to be decided....
I did a round of the markets, had some lunch with Charley & then had dessert with some chocolate covered strawberries (oh so delicious but oh so naughty for the waistline!!) and then decided to do another quick round in case we saw something outstanding that we'd missed on the first trip. We went to say our goodbyes to fellow crafters Carrie & Michelle (who were also having shoe wars with my daughter!!) when I spotted this skein from Carrie but was restrained. Earlier this month I had a girly get together and had gifted a skein of Noro to Carrie as I was unimpressed with the colours in the ball and so she dropped this one into my shopping! Argh!! Lovely. Just lovely to have friends who are so nice and giving! Not sure what this one is going to be yet although the three sister scarves are calling my name!!

In the meantime I need a project which I can just haul everywhere - therapy appointments for Izaak, car trips & associated waiting for school to start/finish etc. I had found a lone skein of Noro Silk Garden Sock yarn in the stash and was trying to come up with the perfect one-skein pattern which would also show off the gorgeous colours and long colour repeats of the yarn. Lots of good suggestions were made by friend on Ravelry but eventually I went with the simple, tried and tested, old fave of many - the one-row lace scarf. Not far in but am loving it. Simple TV knitting as well as the haul-around knitting project. Although the yarn is quite scratchy, the slow colour changes more than make up for that fact - especially since this isn't something that is going to be worn close to my skin.

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Michelle said...

Gosh - I love all the yarn you bought! Makes me wish I had gone shopping a lot earlier!

I think Charley wins the shoes wars hands down each time, even with Carrie's cute purple flats. I will have to see what I can rustle up for Saturday though ;-)