Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Food & Friends - the perfect blend

Today I met a wonderful friend for lunch at a local Turkish restaurant and it was delish! Service was good, waiters cranky as always but the conversation was easy, food was lovely and the bill was very reasonable. We wandered around the shops and contemplated dinner settings, books, fashion and shoes before going our separate ways. Then completed coincidentally I ran into another friend (while buying something naughty for dinner!) which led to wine, chocolate lava cakes and wonderful conversation.

And now as I sit here contemplating the meaning of life (haha haha) I feel so incredibly blessed to have such great friends around me. There have been a few parenting decisions lately that I have posted on facebook as well where I have had a wonderful response from people I know in real life and from my cyber friends too. I just feel so lucky that I have people around me who genuinely care about my family and myself. Just like my last post I guess, it's all about perspective.

So far I'm meeting the goals - I see you roll your eyes and look at the calendar - yes it's only four days into the month but I'm all for celebrating achievements, big or small!! I'm catching up with friends, the washing is up to date and I'm blogging more often. I'm planning (in cahoots with others) an amendment to the August goals but will post more on that later.


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Kuka said...

lunch was soooo delish! =)
I've got lava cakes in the fridge right now!