Tuesday, August 3, 2010

More public ousting

So it seemed to work with the house so I've decided I'm going to publicise my goals for August. I've fallen by the wayside when it comes to goalsetting in the past few months so I figure if I put it down on paper (or the web!!) then I'm more likely to stick to it since others can see (and keep me on track!!) with what I say I'm going to do.

So, in August I am going to....
.... be kind to myself with the change of work areas - things are going to be very different and in the first few days there is going to be alot for me to take in and to learn so I'm just going to take it slow and steady and not to expect too much of myself
.... cast on and FINISH a knitting project. No idea what it's going to be - large? (doubtful!) for me? or the kids? or someone else entirely? accessory? homewares?
.... keep on top of the housework - trying not to let things get on top of me again
.... blog more diligently - I like writing. I like sharing what's happening in my life and what is going on with the smalls
.... make more of an effort to keep in contact with friends - I miss them ;-(
.... menu plan for at least two of the four weeks of the month
.... related to the above - try out some new recipes and not stick to the same old, same old.

I think that'll do me for now!!

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twitchy fingers said...

Go girl! Just don't be tough on yourself if you don't do it all - it's alot!