Friday, August 13, 2010

Staying on track

It's now half way through August so I wanted to post about how well (or otherwise) my goals are going....

reading - I'm about two-thirds through my book and am thoroughly enjoying it. I must admit that it somehow seemed different (better?) in my memories but I am still reading every night and snatching moments here and there to get through a page or two. I know that I'm better when I'm focused and goal setting and this has been proven yet again over the past fortnight. I'm watching less TV in the evenings, going to bed earlier and sleeping better - all of which I am contributing (at least partly) to my reading. I'm wondering what I'll move onto next? Suggestions??

friends - well there have been numerous lunches and a dinner date over the past fortnight with various friends and I am very much looking forward to lunching on Tuesday with twitchy fingers who I haven't caught up with for quite a while now. We are heading to Dobinsons cafe in Civic who have the most amazing lemon & white chocolate cheesecakes - yummy!! I've also had my new neighbours over for dinner which was lovely - I think Charley is really loving having another little girl so close by - the two of them giggle away at each other playing mums & bubs, dollies etc

blogging - 'nuff said really. Post count this month is significantly up on past months and I am enjoying writing and getting things out of my head and onto paper. I'm wondering, fellow bloggers, do you write posts and then not publish them? are some things just too sacred to get out there publically?

knitting - I've cast on yet another clappy - this time in bamboo and a scarf rather than stole. I want something quite summery for when the weather warms up and I love this pattern so much. This will be my fourth and each of these has been different and wonderful in it's own way so I have hope. So far I'm up to the straight sections so I'd say about a third of the way in.

work - let's not go there

housework - success!! the house is definitely looking quite different to what it did a month ago. We had the big clean and since then I've also made some cosmetic changes to teh place - bought & installed some might fittings, curtains and some new furniture. I'm enjoying the house more and more - seeing it now as a santuary where I can relax and just chill out. I'm giving the kids more and more jobs around the house which they are at times relishing in and at others resisting.
menu planning - uummmm...... let's stay away from that topic too!!
Considering there's two weeks left of the month I'm feeling pretty happy with myself. I'm on track. I like the feeling of being on track.

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Michelle said...

You're doing really well! I need to set some goals too. I'm quite hopeless at the moment.

Re the blogging - only about 5% of my life is on the blog (and I have to keep reminding my family of this, as they have decided to stop calling me and would rather read about it. Boring!!! And funny given I haven't updated in about 3 weeks, and have no intention of updating any time soon!!). I'm a fairly private person, and some things, for me, are better left unwritten for public consumption. However, that's just a personal decision. You have to do what you feel comfortable with.