Monday, August 30, 2010

Spring has sprung!

well it will be tomorrow so I thought it was a good chance to come and look back on August and see how I went with my goals.....

Work...... Well the transition has been CONSIDERABLY harder than I thought it would be and to be honest, I'm really not feeling the love. The standards and practices of the ward leave alot to be desired. I've also managed to get on the wrong side of one of the senior staff already so I'm pretty sure it's all downhill from there. I was asked to give meds to a patient through a tube feed but when I asked for a new syringe since the old one was crusty and disgusting I was told "it doesn't matter, he's leaving tomorrow, just use that one because they are so expensive". ARGH!! So many things that I've seen there go completely against my core values and what I see as being good quality nursing care. 32 shifts to go and then I'm out of there!! Bring on November 11!!

Housework.... I promise, other than doing this mornings brekky dishes this is the true representation of my house. I'm proud of myself for really keeping on top of things over the month. It makes me feel so much less cluttered in the mind as well as feeling happier and more in control of my physical surroundings.
This is my new kitchen island bench that my wonderful neighbour built for me which I am currently in love with! So much space now!! Plus it breaks up the kitchen area from being one big area into a clearly defined space. Love it and for the bargain price of $150 I couldn't be happier! The stain came out exactly as I was hoping and it matches the new bookshelf and TV unit really well. The house is certainly coming together and it feels great!!

Knitting.... I cast on and cast off this neckwarmer made from Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran yarn which I was lucky enough to recieve in a swap on Ravelry. This yarn is super yummy and while I'm happy with my neckwarmer I think it needs to be re-blocked a little wider. I'm also heading to spotties in the next few days for buttons. What do you think??

Reading.... I was able to finish the power of one and I have to say I was somewhat underwhelmed. It wasn't as good as I had remembered it to be but I still enjoyed the writing style. This month I'm delving into the world of self-help with "Road testing Happiness" - I started reading it last night and so far I'm picking up a few things and have found myself nodding at quite a few parts of it!! I'm also going to read "The Time Travelers Wife" which I picked up at the oppy for the grand sum of one dollar the other day. I've heard good things about it so hopefully it will live up to it's expectations!!

Blog... Well the post count is up and I've enjoyed writing. I'm also starting a personal journal which is giving me another writing outlet. I feel somewhat lighter letting go of my head and getting it down onto paper.
Friends..... I've been spending a fair amount of time with the above-mentioned new neighbours and it has been lovely to share time with a family who has similar values and principles as mine, as an added bonus the kids get along swimmingly and have been bike riding/scooting/playing together quite a bit.
Menu planning..... let's just tide that one over to next month shall we.......

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