Monday, January 11, 2010

2010 Sewing Challenge

Carolyn over at My Favourite is running a 12 month challenge which I've signed up for hence the new button in the side bar. Basic deal is that every month for 2010 there is a new sewing challenge - sign up for one or twelve, it's up to you!

January is 'Something for me' - I've already made a skirt for me but I'm definitely unimpressed - the pattern is good, fabric is great, just a bad choice of pattern for me I think. The skirt has a dropped waistband and gathers which sit right on my hips (ie - the widest part of me!!) so it may well be unpicked and put back in the stash. I do love this wrap skirt pattern which may well end up being my project for the month. I'm also loving checking out lots of new blogs and seeing what other crafty chickies are up to during the month too!

I know another mumma who is just getting started in what I'm sure will be a long and industrious love with sewing so come on Mrs B - sign up with me!!!

1 comment:

Mrs B said...

hehehe geez I didn't know you were that clever, you can twist arms from a distance!! I am off to check out the challenge. Definitely think I could be persuaded ;)

M xxx