Friday, January 15, 2010

Working on the wardrobe

So after all my research I've been working on the wardrobe do-over over the past few days with great results!! I decided that denim, black & grey will be my 'bases' so I've got quite a few pairs of jeans - as a mum and a uni student jeans have pretty much been my uniform for the past seven years!! Then when we were out on Friday I managed to find a great pair of full length black pants and a lovely grey linen blend skirt. I'm still after a pair of 3/4 length black pants but couldn't find any that were a good fit. I wore the grey skirt out on Friday night and realised that I actually really do like wearing skirts so decided that my wardrobe really could do with a few more.

A while ago I had favourited this wrap skirt and after I had a dig through the fabric stash and found some skirt-friendly fabrics I got started. Given that my colours are black/grey/red I thought that this skirt was a perfect way of using up some of my fabrics (black poplin) and some of my quilting stash (contast). I finished the hem with 10mins to spare as I ducked off to stitch & bitch this morning!! It's hard to get any good photos of yourself when you live alone and the smalls really don't understand how to get a good shot! But here it is both on the hanger and on me...


My printer wouldn't print the pattern sheets out so I looked at the screen and guessed with a piece of chalk directly onto the fabric and I'm really pleased with the results. Being a wrap skirt as well it will fit me as I gain/lose weight over time. It's a really good length for me as well.

Tonight the sewing bug hit again after I found a piece of knit fabric that suited my colour palate. No tutorial/pattern for this one, I just started sewing and altered until I had what I wanted. This skirt will go with all my black tops, a few of my white and a red top that I bought last year but that has long sleeves.

A few tops are cut out but we'll have to take a trip to spotlight for some supplies to get them finished.

I'm happy to say though that my wardrobe is looking far more 'together' than it did and I'm pleased with all my purchases and productivity! I wore the wrap skirt out to SnB this morning and felt very co-ordinated which is a change!!

And just cause she's cute.... Super-Charlotte....


Mrs B said...

oh I so wish I could get that website to load for me (the one with the wrap skirt, it just won't load :( ). I love that skirt!! That is one of the ones I want to make too, and you have done a gorgeous job with the fabric choices.

Love the 2nd skirt too!! Its not as long as the wrap skirt is it?

Super Charlotte looking as cute as ever hehe Cheeky monkey ;)

twitchy fingers said...

Super-cute Charlotte! Go girl. You're rockin' that sewing machine!

Melinda said...

And you looked fantastic in it when I saw you this morning too! I very nearly asked you where you got it from!

Kuka said...

yay! They both look fantastic bec!!
Funnily enough, I seem to have more luck 'fudging' skirt paterns than following them!

knitting sprouts said...

hey bec that looks fantastic - great work