Thursday, January 7, 2010

Trip Around the World

A while ago I spotted this 'trip around the world' quilt pattern and knew that I wanted one. I knew that there wasn't anything suitable in the stash so when I opened a gift voucher from my dad on Christmas day I was hoping that the quilting shop would accept the shopping centres vouchers - they did!! The other half and I took a trip out there and he helped me pick out fabrics, a day and a half later and it's all done!
I'm really happy with how the top came up although I'm going to omit the borders that are in the original pattern as I don't want it to be too big - just big enough for me to snuggle with on the couch of an evening. Currently measuring 66inches square I'm happy with it's size. It's about to be sent off to Raylee at Sunflower Quilting to be made into a sandwich. As a plug for her and a heads up to other quilters reading this she is currently having a 10% of sale. Any quilting job booked in January and delivered to her for quilting before June gets a 10% discount. I've got the Japanese Garden quilt with her at the moment, the trip will be going up soon and I'm about to book in a quilt that I'm doing for mums birthday. I love the fabrics in this quilt although they are not what I'd normally pick for myself - much more feminine and girly as I'd normally pick more funky/brights.
There has also been some knitting going on but as it's gifts I don't dare to show on the blog on the off chance the recipient pops by. It's been nice to pick up the needles again after a few months break!


Mrs B said...

love the colours!! Next time you are up this way, I am so taking you to the quilting shop down the road. They have some GORGEOUS fabrics there! It almost (yes almost LOL) makes me want to take up quilting ;)

Can't wait to see more pics (yes, greedy aren't I hehe)
M xxx

Kuka said...

oooh Bec this is PRETTY! Love the prints you've used - I think it is soft, but without being too girly!

Kel said...

A day and a half?? A DAY AND A HALF?! You're like a production line my dear. You've inspired me to book in my second sampler and get my butt into gear making it. :)

Michelle said...

That is so beautiful Bec! I think I have that same light blue paisley print in the quilt I am sleeping under at the moment!